Saturday, October 20, 2012

Valima Disaster.

Written By: Saad Amir

1856h: I'm home..getting ready for this Valima we have to attend and I already have planned the Blog post title 'Valima Disaster' not because I can predict future just that most Valimas turn out to be disasters.

Ohh and it has already started... I have nothing to wear. I don't know what to wear. Let me search for something comfortable so that I can eat without any problems :D

1923h: After changing 3 T-shirts and 2 collar shirts I have atlast found something to wear. It also looks like my lucky day.. The jeans Im wearing had 500 rupees in its pocket :D Im the only one who has changed so far, everyone else is still getting ready and I know its gonna be a long wait..

2025h: Everyone is ready now but its raining outside , we have still decided to go even when the venue had to be changed last moment from an open lawn near our house to an indoor hall far away thanks to the rain.

2041h: We had to turn back as papa forgot his cellphone on the dining table, this is what I hate the most, time wasting.

2057h: We have reached. There is this one disadvantage of being the son of 'Doctor Sahab' , you are forced to interact with people unwillingly. Where Im sitting right now, its the border line between male and female side and its pretty awkward. I have no other choice but to sit and keep my eyes on the cellphone.

2100h: All I can do is to text, and I have no internet.

2105h: There is no one of my age so I have decided to play with kids .. They are cute.. This one is doing a strange thing.. Putting the tissue paper in his mouth then nose and then in the empty glass. Then holding the glass and trying to take the tissue paper out with his tongue.. Im pretty sure if I would have done this I'd be in a mental hospital by now .. or atleast beaten and thrown out from here... You gotta love kids, fearless eh :D

2123h: This Papa's security guard from the hospital is hugging me for the third time and says everytime: 'Mera Sher ... Itna bara ho gaya hai' :P

2140h: Bride is atleast 3 inches taller than the groom , or maybe she is wearing heels :D

2155h: Tamur is hungry now and Im having to listen his helpless pleads. Papa is getting late already.. Im tired after traveling so much.

2210h: It's been 10 minutes and everyone started eating, I haven't been able to touch anything.. Tamur is facepalming every now and then... Well terrible scenes.

I was first one to stand up with all set and ready to eat when people from all around have attacked the table. Some are using table spoons, some are trying to pour gravy with the help of naans, some even are using their hands as Tamur pointed out.. We sure are talented people.

2130h: We are having rice and drinks .. Um this Pepsi bottle is filled upto its mouth, this isn't the original Pepsi... Tamur also pointed out the difference in logo and taste.

2233h: The glass that kid was playing with is in his father's hand and he is drinking water :D

2239h: These two people on my table are shouting at the non presence of leg piece in chicken karahi.. #SMH

2245h: Tamur has gone out in disgust .. Papa is busy with his friends.. Im 'observing' :P

2300h: We are leaving Yaay!

 Host: Thanks for coming Doctor sahab! Beta.. Khana khaya? Km tow nhi hua? Cold drink pe lain aur hain thandi thandi? Me: Nahi shukriya bas .. Host: Nahi betay takaluf kasa? Maza aaya apko? Me: Jee uncle bohaaat maza aaya *Big wide smile*


  1. That was one sadness provoking wedding. :/

  2. Sahi baat hai Maham .. you helped though :P

  3. Hahahahaha : ) baray baray deshon main aisee choti choti problems to hoti hi hain : )
    You didn't had a manga in your pocket ? Already done this, true story..

  4. hahaha poor you, you had to go thru all this LOL but it ended up as a good story for us to ENJOY xD

  5. @Hameem Yes happens alot, true that :)

  6. @Anonymous yeah it did, It would have been better if you had mentioned your name :)

  7. Hahahaha!The part where the dad is drinking from the same glass the child put tissues in. UFFFF Ewwww.:P