Monday, September 24, 2012

I PROTEST, but how?

By: Komal Kabir

We are all going through an emotional frenzy these days (at least most of us.) over the anti-Islam movie that is actually just a 13 minutes trailer. A 13 minutes ("designed to enrage"- as said by Sky news) video that has enraged all the Muslims of the world. We all are aware of its content and I do not need to mention what the writer and producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula an Egyptian-American and other  luciferians  (May God's curse be on them) who made this film  under the cover of  "Freedom of speech" wanted to achieve through this devilish act. There are three important questions I am looking for an answer: 


This movie trailer was just another attack on our dignity from US and Israel, our sworn enemies. 
About whom, Hitler once said: 
"I would have killed all the Jews of the world, but i kept some to show the world why I killed them"
Oh we see that right! 
We are watching the protests all around the world on TV and internet everyday, just a while ago, there was a news that we will be having  Youm-e-Ishq Rasool (pbuh) day this Friday, i.e 21st of Sept 2012. And all the parties religious as well as political and the other associations will come out on the streets and protest against this evil movie. And curse the US and the Zoinists on this evil act.

Let me make it very clear here, that I am not against the protests, not at all! But what i want to tell everyone is that we are all so very angry at this act, and we have started killing people and destroying OUR OWN property (which in no way is affecting the one's who did it) and according to the latest news, 36 people were injured in Islamabad protest today. On 20/sep/12.

We know friends that, this Earth was created because of Mohammad (PBUH) 
If he was not to be on this earth then me and you would not be here right now. 

Allah loves him so much, that he put his name beside La Ilaha Ilallah. So who cares what  other morons say or do, we already know he was the best Example to mankind. And any movie, any cartoons, or any other devilish act to disgrace him, can never change anything. Those who are trying to insult the Greatest man in history, cannot even reach the value of the mud on his shoes. And that is a fact well known by every sensible human being.

Zameen na hoti falak na hota, arab na hota, ajam na hota

Yeh mehfil-e-kon--o-makaan na hoti, agar woh shah-e-umam na hota...! 

If only they understood it.. Here again,  like always in every matter, we have different views by different people from different school of thoughts. We can divide our society into 3 groups here on the basis of their reaction on this Blasphemous Movie.

 One reaction that we see here is from the (what they call) 'Extremists.'  They demand the government to take action and the whole population should come on the streets. " We want the whole country to come out on the streets and protest against it.  This is a call to جہاد  jihad against the US embassy and the US and Israeli products. (which includes their social sites, as Facebook and Twitter and as well as their companies and their products) " - says one of their leaders.  We see these protesters on TV, some no doubt being very very peaceful. But there are protests that should be condemned. These are the footages of different protests against the anti-Islam movie:

                                                This is the WRONG way to protest

We could also have shown our anger, in a much civilized way, like this :
This is the RIGHT way to protest


Here, we really have to make sure that these protests are peaceful and that no more lives should be lost in these protests. Because killing a person (although is nothing 'Big' now days) but it still has the punishment in Islam, no matter how small crime it may have become now days.  

"The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: 

"The destruction of the entire world is lighter in the sight of Allah than the unjust killing of a believer." "Even if the inhabitants of Allah's seven heavens and seven earths were to join in the killing of a believer unjustly, He will put all of them into Hell." (Ibn Majah - )

The second group of people are mostly the local 'Burgers', the confused youth, who seem to have some kind of sad and little angry attitude over this blasphemous movie. As we all are Muslims and the Love of our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) 
is an integral part of our religion. "But coming on the streets and damaging the property and killing innocents is not the right way to protest, we should rather do some thing productive, like writing a memo to UN/US"-  a common view found on FB and Twitter. Some of them even being angry at the government for blocking Youtube (God better knows why they would condemn the only positive act taken by the government till now. I can't even comment on that)

But again we have others who say that a better reaction to this is to ignore it, because as much as we talk about it and the more we protest and give hateful speeches against it, we are spreading it ourselves. We are the one's promoting this movie as initially it was only watched by some 30-40 losers but we our self made it so famous, that now all the world is talking about it. And many people have even lost their lives in doing these protests, which they say, will not solve the problem. They tell us to be patient about it, because breaking things and killing people and delivering hateful speeches is not what the Holy Quran teaches us. That's not how the  صحابہ  کرام sahaba karaam reacted when people, (GOD FORBID) made fun and insulted the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in his time. As we all know that the non-believers have been doing that since the beginning. 

They follow the teachings: 

There has been no prophet upon whom derogatory words were not used. The Holy Qur’an confirms that God sent a Warner to every people, and that each and every one of the prophets has been the subject of mockery: 

In the Holy Quran Allah (swt) says: ''Be patient over whatever they say.''
Then We sent Our Messengers one after another. Every time there came to a people their Messenger, they treated him as a liar.… (Ch.23:V.45)

The third kind of people are the one's who, just like the other two groups are extremely hurt by this act of kafirs. And they don't thing 'ingoring' it would help and they neither participate in the protests, stating them 'useless' as people are only damaging public property, and no results can be achieved by such protests, which don't make an impression and don't show any productive results. But one thing they all did, actually we all did. We did forward a text message to our contacts, and posted something relating it on our Facebook and other social media sites, right?! Yes we all did that. And thinking we did play a part in the protests. Allah (swt) knows what is in our hearts, and we all will get rewards according to that.

Here my friends, mentioning all the three types of people I don't intend to and I don't think I am even capable of judging which one of these are right, and which ones are doing the right thing, I leave it on to you to decide which group do you think you belong to, and which group do you think is on the right way. I can pray to Allah Almighty to show us the right path and guide us. Ameen.

Another verse of the Holy Qur’an also emphasises this:

Despite the ill-treatment and disrespect shown to both the Holy Prophet(saw) and the Holy Qur’an,  God instructed him not to retaliate, because, says God: We will, surely, suffice thee against those who mock” (Ch.15:V.96).

Mustafa Abu Sway, a professor of philosophy and Islamic studies, says that in Islam it is not up to individual Muslims to seek retribution.

"Their role is to send out the correct information about the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad, (pbuh) -he says. The Quran states explicitly that no soul shall be responsible for the sins or the crimes of another. And while this film (Innocence of Muslims) is indeed offensive, and those who have produced and circulated this have done this deliberately to offend Muslims, innocent people must not be hurt and violent acts must not be done in the name of religion of peace (Islam).
 The Holy Quran teaches people to be patient. And in these times, we really need to have a lot of patience now. So whatever people are doing and choose to do now. Is entirely based on their sense of understanding the Holy Quran. And as it states that Every soul will be answerable of his own deeds. 'To each, his own' So it pretty much solves the issue of who is right or who is wrongMay Allah Almighty guide us all. Ameen.

 Now lets take a look at following facts, that I hope will help us take a suitable decision:

Let me mention here once again, THAT I AM NOT. DEFINITELY NOT. AGAINST THE PROTESTS. I believe it is our right, and we as really sinner Muslims should not let our faith go dead, as our Humanism and religion are both breathing their last, in this testing time. we need to show the kafirs that they cannot disrespect our prophet and go on like that. That will further encourage the devils abroad..

But another way to PROTEST is to avoid using the products and services from the Jews and US. A way that would really affect them, because they earn a hell lot of profit from us, and the fact remains: That we cannot destroy them by burning our own cars and buildings.. So lets try to be a little sensible and adopt a much better way to show our anger and protest, We are ready to go and burn things on the road and raise slogans, but are we really ready to ban their products?! All the things we use everyday, from the tooth paste in the morning, and we always prefer to have 'imported' things all day long,, and when ever possible.

Are we ready to stop listening to their songs and movies? 

Are we ready to ban all their fast food chains, and other things made by the one's who insulted our Beloved Prophet (pbuh). Are we ready friends? or we are just ready to come out and show the world we are a pathetic impatient nation and Ummat?! Try to stop using all these products:

We see here that today all the Muslim countries of the world are protesting against one blasphemous video, and we see that America alone has awakened all the Muslims of the world. -Awaken but not united yet. We see many people have died in these protests, some killed by the enraged protesters, while some lost their lives while protesting. All around the world there is a chaos in the Muslim countries, people are protesting and most of them are facing the US ambassador in their country. And we witnessed a very sad and extremely regretted murder of the US ambassador in Libya. We all strongly condemn his murder. Islam is the religion, which does not even allow to kill the ambassador, who claimed to be a prophet in the time of Mohammad(pbuh).
I was quiet shocked to read in the paper that, USA has planned to send its troops in the Muslim countries 'to protect their ambassadors and solve the situation' (just like it has been solving all around the world, since decades, recently 'helping' Afghanistan.

And I also read somewhere that next a French news paper is about to (GOD FORBID). publish cartoons of our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). And they plan to publish more of such Blasphemous Cartoons and pictures, so are going in the same way every time now? Well They want and expect us to do so..

This might help you understand my point:

A Jewish scholar Rabi's interview: The Jewish scholar Rabi was doing P.H.D on Islam in Paris. He said "I am doing a research on the 'extremism of Muslims'. When the host asked him about his research. He looked rather surprised and answered :
"After five years of research, I have come to this conclusion, that Muslims love their prophet Mohammad more than their lives, they can take anything against Islam but they don't bear a single finger raised on their prophet, you can demolish their mosques, you can take over their governments, you can ban the printing of Quran, you can kill their whole families they will bear it. But the moment you try to disrespect their prophet, they writhe up and no matter whoever you are, they will fight you! I have found that Islam is only present in this world because the love of prophet is alive in the hearts of Muslims, and the moment it vanishes from there, Islam will disappear from this world"

So they know very well where to hit, they know what to do which will make the Muslims fierce and angry. I think it is very clear what they are up to. Now, the question is ISN'T IT A SYSTEMIC ATTEMPT TO TRIGGER CHAOS AND CAUSE MAYHEM?

And in the light of the above mentioned facts , the answer seems yes.

What we should keep in our mind now, are two important things:
1. What will I say when my Lord will ask me on the day of judgement, having all the facilities , what role did you play when in the world, the Kafirs were mocking at the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) ? Think if you are being a part of the solution? or without knowing it, you are helping the enemy with their plan?

2. I have to spread Love and deliver the message of peace around the world. Its my duty to tell the world that Islam means Peace. And Muslims are the most peaceful people in the world as we carry the massage of our Prophet Mohammad  (pbuh)

With these two points in our mind, I am sure we will be able to give a suitable response to this devilish act. Remembering :

يُرِيدُونَ لِيُطْفِئُوا نُورَ اللَّهِ بِأَفْوَاهِهِمْ وَاللَّهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ الْكَافِرُونَ

"They desire to extinguish Allah's Light with their mouths but Allah will perfect His Light, though the kafirun hate it." 

Once we calm down, we need to start thinking why did they make this movie? Why did they not block it even when they whole world is protesting against it? Why are they instead of blocking it, coming up with more cartoons? Why did not the O.I.C come up yet with laws to prevent such acts again? Can't we show our hate and displeasure to US through some  other way? Where will these protests lead us? Why have not we protested on government level? Why do they want us to be enraged? and finally AREN'T WE DOING EXACTLY WHAT THE  ISLAMOPHOBIC FILM-MAKERS HOPED WE WOULD DO??

These are the things we are listening everyday, the thing that has really made me worried and sleepless is the thought of all this, every night, when we have seen a day full of protests and hateful speeches against each other, I think what is going on in this world, we always claim to be the most modern people and most 'developed civilization.' We as youth feel so proud to be born in an era where people have walked the moon. But in the same era, there are some people, there are humans who are (GOD FORBID) MOCKING the prophet for whom this world was made! We are living in an age where the creation is making fun of the Creator's reason of creating this world. And we are confused what to do, to react or not to react? and how to react? but I think the question really is, Where are we going to be on the day of judgement? where are we going to stand then? May Allah Almighty forgive me for any mistakes, and 
May Allah Almighty in this hour of crises, bless us with good leaders and bless us with the qualities of good followers. Ameen.
In the end, a picture worth a thousand words, please do think... 

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