Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mission submission - Bow down to rise

"Only they believe in Our messages who, when they are reminded of them,

fall down prostrate and celebrate the praise of their Lord, and they are not proud."


Enveloped in my thoughts pondering over the given topic , with my bedroom door slightly ajar i saw my father offering salah outside. After what seemed like an eternity I got out of my bed .. frustrated at the numbness of my mind , which had clearly refused to come up with any aesthetically alive ideas, i moved towards my father . Still on the janemaz, he had his face buried in his hands , having sensed my presence he lifted his head , smiled and asked what the matter was. "What is submission to you baba ?" i asked. Rather than replying to my question he simply prostrated ... i assumed he overheard my question and asked again, he replied

"The most important thing for an army officer or a man in general is his ego , his self built respect, his pride ..... and when a man gives up all that and touches his nose on the ground to show that nothing stands before the supremacy of Allah , that is submission."

Motivated by my father's inspirational words as i set down to work on the given piece i pondered over the different ways of submission …… there could be so many i said to myself, but the most beautiful form of submission to me is bowing before Allah .... Openly accepting defeat before the omni potent Lord of both worlds.

This calligraphic work clearly shows what submission is to me .... it doesn't have to be anything extreme like seclusion for ages or living in forests, cut off from rest of the world.
Submission could be a small act like prostrating, obeying Allah's orders or treating the Creators creations rightfully.
The colors in the piece hold very deep meaning.

Black : Becoming Oblivious. When one submits ones self to Allah he/she becomes Indifferent , the worldly gadgets lose their importance to him/her.

Red :  Passion . Submission is loving Allah more than anything , and love is futile without passion. When one has his/her soul burning with passion then and only then can they submit themselves completely and entirely.

Yellow : Enlightenment. Submitting to Allah purifies your soul of all evils, it lightens up your heart with Islam's noor.

Submitting ones self to Allah is the core of Islam. May Allah give us the power to enlighten ourselves fully by complete submission before Allah. (amen)

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