Friday, June 1, 2012

Complete Intro of the Finding Neverland Team.

Amna Aziz

My name is Amna Aziz. I’m from a family of six; my parents, two elder sisters and my brother who is the youngest in the family. I love to read and have a large collection of books. I’m good at writing too and I write to express myself. I write about my day to day experiences, my hobbies, random topics, my inspirations and sometimes fiction too.I get this love to read and write from my mom and elder siblings.

As I look back at life it hasn’t been an easy journey, in fact for the past few years it has all been topsy-turvy but my mother has been my strength always. She has taught me to be brave, to seek challenges, to go through the troubles instead of around them; and at the same time to be kind, to see good in everyone, to love and to cherish, and to live life as it comes. This is why I believe that if I continue working really hard my dreams will come true someday. I’m a “take it easy” sort of person, and I try to be happy everywhere. Maybe when people look me, talk to me all they see is laughter and happiness but there’s a lot more to it. 

People seldom know this “lot more” because I don’t let everyone enter my world, but this doesn’t mean I’m an introvert. I’ve a large circle of friends and I love my family, around them you’ll find me a whole new person. Presently, I’m doing my F.Sc (Pre-Engineering). From all my subjects I like mathematics best and I’m pretty good at it as well. English is my good point too. I hope you like my posts :)

Hameem Hussain

How I can define myself in such a few words?  
My name is Ha-Meem Hussain. I don't know what it means because no one on earth knows the signification of those initials. Little, i was a bit frustrated, now i am satisfied bearing a name strange like myself. I've spent my childhood in Karachi and now trying to survive in Paris' suburbs. Currently I am student in science, however I love reading and writing. My reason of being is a distributor of smiles. I like being funny and make people laugh. I am addict of laziness and relax attitude. My favorite hobby is betting. Last time, i won 200 chocolates. Although, I am a complete mess in cricket. I love watching and shouting aloud with my brothers. I paint, draw, play theatre, watch movies, and live smoothly my life. One of my big dreams is to visit Pakistan: i wanna discover every single landscape and all specialities. Besides Pakistan, Paris , I'm also fond of Japan. I read a lot of manga and am fascinated by there culture. Nowadays, I am in my quest to seek my identity in this mix-uo of two very different cultures. Finding Neverland is the best place with a unique public to express oneself. "

Newbie Around

NewbieAround here.

This will be extremely brief, so that I don’t keep you too long waiting from reading the amazing stuff around here. I’m Sanna, with a double ‘n’. The eldest child in her family, which automatically makes me uber sensitive. I randomly blab and not very often, pen down what I feel. You’ll come to know what I write about through my posts hopefully. Cricket’s fun. Politics makes me go all loopy, but nonetheless, is pretty addictive. Fireworks are just mesmerising. Saunf, the one that isn’t sugar coated and Mint leaves (Podeenay kay pattay) are few of my other crazy addictions. Just a desi, buddhi rooh living in Wilayt. Time changes, life still goes on. Trying to be a positive and a fruitful individual.

Lastly, I’m a Pakistani, I don’t say it, I show it!

Much Love,

Kaichee Mayo

Hiya, AOA, bonjour, konichiwa, anneyonghaseyo and my salutations to all those (in their respetive languages) whom I missed .. Im Muneeza Azmat but you shall know me by the name 'Kaichee'..  I was born in jehlum in '93 (true age mind you) ..Im an Aquarian, a narcissist at times , I enjoy good humor, I like reading books (the old fashined way ... and yes I mean paper , an orthodox bite me).. 

I am a lover of nature and beauty ... you'd find me staring at the night sky oftener than doing my nails, which in No way means that I dont do my nails .. I infact happen to be a great fan of nail art .. often do pretty awesome nail art myself  .. I absolutely LOVE art ... especially conceptual art , cuz its got so much more to it than just paper and paints ... but that wouldn't necessarily mean that id disagree with the stuckists when they say ''A dead fish isn't a piece of art" .. and despite all  my love and respect for Marcel Duchamp (the father of conceptual art ftw) i refuse to add the infamous 'inverted urinal' to my book of 'great revolutionizing art pieces' ,which by the way is an imaginary book i just made up .. lest you think im some bad ass artist with a bad ass book to her lol no .. not yet .. oh but i do have my own sketchbook at Scyra ... yes showoff shoot me lol. Apart form this i also enjoy abstract art .. Sebastian Bieniek's The Bear series is one of my favourites ... In Minimalistic art i like Richard Serra ... Surrealism , Salavador Dahli ... expressionism , impressionism , calligraphy and the list goes on oh oh and Banksy and Frida kahlo (respect).. damn ... me getting all carried away i could go on and on about arts and my love for arts but lets leave that for some other time. 

I love reading about space/stars and at the risk of sounding like a TOTAL geek a tiiiiiiny little part in me is also a fan of quantum physics.Im currently doing my B.S in Aerospace engineering oh and did i mention I TOTALLY DIG planes lol .. probably not so there you have it i love planes and flying and aviation and all sttttuuufff related lol .. I draw .. make portaraits (some of which i might share with you guys) i occasionally do calligraphy. Coming to a more lighter side .. i love music , i enjoy music in different languages i love kpop you could easily call me a koreaboo .. jrock versailles and ghazette .. Chinese i admire hankyunk (ex- superjunior ftw).. russian i enjoy Vitas's work .. i also like a few random songs from bengali, spanish here and there .... Im quite open to new stuff. Movies I enjoy classics .. then there's action too ... i experiment , from rainbows and ponies to psycho murderers killing women for their scent (yes Im talking about Perfume: The story of a murderer , awesome movie)

Im open to criticism .. it helps one evolve .. I guess ill stop the jabbering for now. You'll see me around posting/blogging stttttuuuffff lol 

Zobia Akhtar

Hi! Zobia here. Now, I could describe my immortal awesomeness here, or, I could reflect that through my articles. Let's go with the second one, fair enough?

Born and bred in Karachi, currently studying in grade ten. Now, for all the 'exciting details'. I happen to be a cricket enthusiast, wait, no. The appropriate term would be cricket freak. So much, that i have a whole twitter account dedicated to the sport, and also am a free-lance blogger commenting on the sport. 'Bleed green' is my motto, cuz, that's how any paki cricket freak rolls.
Sure, i enjoy other sports too, such as always keeping an eye on the major tennis tournaments (Freddie is the maaaan) then there's football, throwball, in other words, sport is a part of my identity.

Reading, is another passion of mine. Well, to be honest, when it comes to obsessions, my mood swings are plenty. Last week, i was into the hunger games and would revolve my daily routine around it. Then, entered anime, which is basically what i've devoted a lot of my vacatuons to. So, here's to updating you all with my current past-times, and hey if you're awesome enough to be interested too, we could enjoy them together. Yes, I'm your average teenage student, not an airhead, but not complete brains either. There are two things i believe in, when it comes to life. The first is, keep moving forward. Once you trip, you need to get up, right? That's the same deal with setbacks, a helping hand can be counted on too. What was meant to happen, happened, so why let that bring you down? Everything happens for a reason, after all. Keep your head high, and wait for that silver lining at the end of the tunnel. Optimism is the key.

Second, living in the moment. 

Yeah, when it comes to such topic, I do tend to babble, so here's a warning for you all! And, that's all for now folks. Catch you later. Peace.

Ramsha Shahid Akhund

At times it becomes hard to write an intro about yourself, because you are the person who knows yourself so well,that it becomes even harder what and where to start from. 

Well starting off with my name, this is me Ramsha Shahid Akhund. I was sent down to this heavenly body (earth) on 5th of may and I have no idea how that day was. It must have been good, for I was born. I belong to a family of four. Mum, Dad, me and my younger bro, Ruphyl. He makes my world complete. I was raised up in karachi. I have spent a period of my life in Australia as well.

The best in me are my eyes, and I love them to the most !

I am a very jolly type of person, and this thing comes to me from my dad, the king of my life :)  I start of joking randomly, and that is how I get close to people and we end up being friends. I have no idea about the world round me, but yes mosquitoes are addicted to me.  I love humor and will love it even more if you share some of yours with me. Well at the same time, anger is on me 24/7. It is like, "if you will love me, i will move mountains to love you back, but if u annoy me, i will move mountains to put them on your head"  So be Aware. 

Coming to my interests, I like reading, OH yes I do, a lot a lot & a lot,. I mainly read about culture, tradition, and people's lifestyle, because these are the things which make us different from one another. Music is my passion. Sufism is in what I believe. Learning is my aim. Jumping is my game ;). I like flowers in spring, rain in summer, leaves in autumn, and snow in winter.

I love Afghanistan, no matter how much negative view people have about it, for me it rocks. ;) and to 
assure you, it will be a great place one day! I have high hopes to meet Khaleed Hosseini , he is the man because of whom i started loving Afghanistan and afghans. I love my homeland Pakistan. I love it more than my soul. It is in my every drop of blood. 

I am addicted to photography (another thing from my dad), you will hopefully see some of my clicks :). I hope to be a wildlife Photographer someday. Nature is my love, its is beautiful, just because God created it, and to tell you honestly, I am a part of it (self-obsessed) .
I love cats, and too tell you i have also been bitten by a WILD CAT, after which i got 8 anti-rabies vacination, just in case something happens to me. HELL, they were paining. 

I love being simple. Different Clothing? screw that!, I can wear the same jeans for the whole month, YOO. :P who cares, when I don't?

I hate one thing, and that is sectarianism. This thing has weakened us Muslims. for me there is no Shia no Suni no this no that, just and just Muslims.

I am a bit of political freak as well, I have made my political party with my classmate known as NYP and we once even held elections in class -LOL.

I am Messi-licious. Messi for life. "He has his brain in his feet" -The only reason he is a legendary football player.  

JUMPING is my cure. Jump here Jump there, jump jump everywhere :P 

One thing is for sure common in me and you, that is we love to read and write that's the only reason you are here reading this :)

Honestly, this is the worst intro ever ! I love writting, but writting about myself is the worst job ever.
Well I am sure you would not have gone through this shit fully, but if you have, than dude you are awesome ! Hats off too you

Tata, meet you in the articles.
Stay Blessed.

Haniya Jamshed.

The future of Pakistan; I am Haniya Jamshed. A 19 year old aspiring dentist and future oral and maxillofacial surgeon, with a fetish for food, Good books, Soothing music, meaningful discussions and mind refreshing tea—loads of em. A political enthusiast; eager to learn about the numerous countries that inhabit the Earth—their historical background, their geographical uniqueness, political set up, economic standing; everything. Making me a current affairs/international affairs geek. 

 A funny, cheerful; sometimes hysterical, overly hyper girl— living in my own world and doesn’t want to grow up. I love to sing! My favourite artists being Ellie Goulding, Jessie J, Taylor Swift and Owl city—adding the incredibly talented Jojo to the party. Also, would like to seriously learn the guitar, piano and vocals, if life permits me to do so! Besides singing and music, I love to read and write in my spare time, discuss and debate on the current socio-political conditions of Pakistan and the world with my dad—or just watch the news(maybe read sometimes), and curse like a sailor; I enjoy politics. I like playing sports like cricket, badminton and golf also, walking around and taking snaps of random objects is kind of growing on me, so I’ll add photography in my list.

My blog will always be related to Pakistan and it's internal affairs because I belong to this land and it needs my utmost attention but I may divert my attention to other issues--only, if they get my mind working.

I may not make sense sometimes, my grammar or punctuation might not be like the other "learned" bloggers nor I am skilled at using fancy English words like the rest, but whatever I say will always be close to my heart--what a Pakistani youth like me believes in. Cheers!

 Yumna Siddiqui

Holla, I’m Yumna Siddiqui from Karachi Pakistan. I was sent down to earth on September, 19th 1997. I am the youngest of all in my family. I’m a future doctor in-fact there’s a correction I’m the future surgeon who’ll be serving Pakistan. My interests include painting writing, reading and gardening. I am obsessed with music. Headphones are my second love. P.S: I’m not in love with any celebrity.

I generally write about whatever comes into my mind. The books that I read are usually the ones that I get recommended. I’m a sports person.

I love playing tennis and badminton. I have got a craze for food and so I’m a total of what one can call a “foodie”.

Currently I’m a ten grader; my majors are the science subjects. I’m an average student but at times a good scorer too. I am a pure optimist. I have got a passion of becoming a singer or a guitarist in near future. I’m a total self obsessed; Yoo type girl. I don’t pay a shit about what people think about me because I love being on my own.

I currently write for AISEC Pakistan and science blob along with Finding Never land. I believe in the fact that, good things happen to people who wait for them to happen. I’m quite eager to achieve my goals in near future. Yeah, persistence runs in my blood.

I am possessed with day dreaming too. I have got an addiction to perfumes and deodorants. I love rain, pet animals and greenery. I own two goldfishes too.

As far, I have got no interest in politics because it freaks me out. I love exploring new things and people and so you can rather call me more of a socialized person.

So, I guess this is enough for ya all! Because I have been blabbering too much! aNd yeah I will meet you on the blog through my article :D

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