Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seeking justice for our own brothers.

A thoughtful article by Iqra Asif :)

Our beloved country Pakistan emerged on the world’s map on 14th August, 1947-A day to be remembered by all of us. Since its birth, Pakistan has been facing countless problems amongst which Education, Leadership, Power crisis, security issues, corruption, Honor killing, Terrorism and Injustice have been the top most. These issues are to be kept under the limelight and need to be worked upon if Pakistan is to stand as an honorable and prosperous nation.

I wont really brag about all these issues as all of us are pretty much aware of them and also understand the importance of resolving them as soon as we can because these problems have a strong influence on our social lives and are also affecting the standard of our lives, both as a nation and individually, which in turn is making most of the Pakistanis, especially the young blood, the youth of Pakistan, very aggressive. If these problems are not considered and resolved within time then one can’t even imagine Pakistan's condition in the upcoming years. I hope Allah SWT gives us enough strength, power and courage to stand firm in the face of these problems and overcome them as soon as possible, thus eliminating all the negative elements from this Land of pure.

Keeping aside all the other issues for a little while and talking about injustice, one can take Baluchistan (The largest of the four provinces of Pakistan and a hub of Natural resources such as the Natural Gas, coal, minerals, gold) as an evidence. Yes, I for once would like to talk about it. Just like how Imran Khan in one of his press conferences said that "Baluchistan is a serious problem but it is continuously being ignored by the mainstream political parties". Mr. Khan has been specifically quoted here to show my support for him and his political party, PTI, just like how most of the other youngsters, the youth of Pakistan are behind him and fully support and appreciate him for the quick turn around he has
made in the world of the Pakistani Politics. He has surely clean bowled a few well-known and heavily supported political parties. Who would have thought the skipper might come back with a bang after being ignored for most of his political career? But then not moving away from the topic I would like to discuss the injustice that is being done to the largest province of Pakistan.

Looking at the current situation of our Balochi brothers, how they are being treated differently and discriminated, it makes me realize how inhumane our Pakistani society have gone. Let me ask you, Is this the same Pakistan that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought for along with a number of people who gave away their lives? Has it all gone in vain? Just like the other Pakistanis I’ll say 'NO it has not' but that’s just to satisfy my inner self. We all are very well aware of the hapless history of our country. Aren’t we? Don’t we all know how in 1971 the map of Pakistan was altered and now in 2012 again we are at an urge of altering the map of Pakistan. Once again discrimination is the leading factor which has forced our Balochi brothers to stand up for their due 'rights', asking for the freedom.

 When we talk about freedom what do we understand? Yes, they want to be separated from the rest of the Pakistan. Ever thought of Baluchistan being a separate country? Our Balochi brothers are being complete strangers to us? This just leaves my tear glands open, making me want to cry my heart out. Everyday dead bodies are found in a sack. People are restricted to leave their houses, fearing their death. Young women are kidnapped and being raped, people there are brutally being killed in the name of sectarianism. But wait...Why do we care? We are the so-called desi liberals of Pakistan, busy in competing with India and the rest of the world, forgetting our own selves, our own brothers. Yes, this makes me feel sick. Makes me want to think a several times before I can stand firm and say “I’m a proud Pakistani”.

Who is to be made responsible for this unnecessary bloodshed? I say the external forces are to be made responsible for this, maybe RAW or even CIA. You know why? Because that’s the easiest way I can get rid of it. We are always indulged in playing blame games but are never going to look at our own selves. What role is the government of Pakistan playing in this matter, this SERIOUS matter? Or wait are they still busy collecting dollars? According to the constitution of Pakistan, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the life and safety of EVERY citizen of Pakistan. Yes you heard that right. Surely the current government has failed in doing so, giving a clear advantage to the external forces to plot and work against the interest of Pakistan.

 As they say "United we stand, divided we fall". Lets not divide ourselves once again. A wakeup call for all the Pakistanis out there. Now is the time we realize what wrong has been done to our Balochi brothers. Stand up for your rights, for my rights and for the rights of your brothers. Let them know how much you love them and how much they mean to Pakistan. Let’s just come out of our shelves and work together to secure the future of our motherland. Let’s just stop this unnecessary bloodshed in the name of sectarianism and religion. We can’t afford yet another alteration in the map of Pakistan, not at all. Enlightened nations learn from their past and do not let history to repeat or reprise itself. Ya-Allah help us and help this beautiful country to thrive and achieve its goals. For this country is here to stay, Amen!

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  1. Very well written, Hope things get better in Balochistan otherwise we will lose it.