Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pakistan Army: Qaum kay Jawaan.

Written By: Es-Ali .
Original Article is on her blog The Newbie Around .

"Shaheedoun kay lahu say jo mitti abaad hoti hai,
Bari zarkhaiz hoti hai, Bari shada'ab hoti hai... "
This post is directly dedicated to all the shaheeds and jawaans of our sacred country, Pakistan. As everyone knows, Pakistan has a history, strongly linked to "demo-crazy" and "dictatorship". Sadly, our past cannot be changed.

But more sad a part is when, for actions of a handful of people, a whole institution is blamed and their dutiful sacrifices are forgotten, their actions mocked and their lives taken for granted. I am pretty sure we all might not have been alive, or if we did, wouldn't have been free. Those wars they've fought '71 and '99. Those numerous times when they jumped to the borders in troubled times.

Kabhi kisi jaan ki qadr karni ho na, tou aik shaheed ki Maa se poochna, aik shaheed ki baiwa se poochna, aik shaheed kay bachay se poochna. Kya guzarti hai un insaano par, ye aapki soch se balatar hai. 

Jaano ka nazraana Hathaili par liyay phirtay hai ye jawaan. Insaan ki jahalat ka andaza uskay sensitive honay ya na honay se lagaya jaata hai. Pakistani aaj aik aisay maur par aakar khara hogaya hai jahaan wo dil aur dimaagh dono ka tawazun kho betha hai. 

The reason why I wanted to write this post down was not to rant about how Pakistan army should be appreciated for all the lives it has laid down for us to sleep peacefully in our homes, but to highlight those uncouth and gauche individual's tweet I came across on Saturday morning, a few hours after 135 soldiers were buried under an avalanche. The tweet said that, 'Pakistan Army's jawaans deserved to be buried alive!'
It boiled my blood and i felt like pulling my hair out. Jahaalat ki inteha hai. Insaan itna pathar dil kaisay hosakta hai? Maana insaan khata ka putla hai, magar itni insensitivity koi Dushman ko bhi nahi dikhata yet a Pakistani to a Pakistani.

Khuda-raa nafrat ki aag se baahir nikal kar tou socho! Aankhay kholo aur dekho, Agar aapko aik din Qaum kay liyay jaan ka nazraana pesh karna paray,  tou kya kar paao gay? Sarhad par pehra dena paray,  day paao gay?

Kehna bohat asaan hai, karna bohat mushkil.
Sochna zarur. Insaaniyat kay naatay hi sahi.
Much love,
Newbie Around.


  1. People should realize that army men are also Pakistanis. We stand with r army in this time.

  2. Liked it, thanks for sharing rafay

  3. Every exit is an entry somewhere else.