Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here to Stay..

By Maham Shahbaz:

So deep down somewhere
a place even I cant recognise
very unfamiliar and unknown
a darkness around it
pitch black and cold it is

I look around to find you there
I know you'll get me out of here
I believe in u more than i ever did in my self

there is something about the way you talk
the way you pretend that you don't understand me
the way you pretend not to care for me
the way you try not to express
you keep me waiting
you keep me hoping
you keep me in pain
you keep me , you just keep me...

what is this constant confusion
the constant restlessness
the constant waiting
the constant heartache

Just when I start shivering because of the cold and loneliness
I hear you call out my name
you are coming towards me with a smile and outstretched arms
coming with warmth and protection
you are here to end my long wait
to give me back my lost hope
you are here to stay...


  1. Hey ! Maham , the first article i read on FN was yours. about buses and nail polish. u continue wrting great. keep it going. : )


  2. who then ?
    i keep it remembering as her's.
    whatever i like maham style.