Friday, February 24, 2012

Taliban are Changing.

Five years ago Rahim Daad was forced to leave his native town and migrate to Kabul. He has to leave with a heavy heart, he had spent all his life in his native town and leaving was not that easy. He was the resident of Nawar, which is one of the regions of the Ghazni province.

Actually the problem was that Talibans of that province had shut down the modern schools forcefully saying that it is against the religion and that girls should stay home and boys should study only at religious schools, but Rahim Daad wanted his children to study the religious and well as the modern ways. For the better future of children he had to adopt Kabul as new home.

But now, Rahim Daad is back to his home, Nawar. It has been a few months and the reason he came back was schools of the city were opened again, and that too with the permission of Taliban. He was very happy to hear this and came back. Rahim Daad tells ..

"The leaders of the city and the wiser men requested Taliban, that they want to open the schools which have been shut down. After few negotiations Taliban agreed to open the schools. Now not only mine but the children of all the city are happy, it feels like their life is complete now."

Another such incident was of Ali Khan. He was a teacher in Tangi High School, which is situated in the Syedabad district of Wardak Province. Five years ago Taliban burned down the school after bombarding it. Ali khan had to run for his life and shifted to the other province. But now he is back, the school is opened and he is teaching the future of Afghanistan without any fear. He says ..

"The hate Taliban had against the modern studies is an old story now, they have understood the modern education is the basis of successful Afghanistan. In fact now Taliban themselves ask us to teach the children as much as we can, this is a big change."

Although Western media is of the view that Taliban are doing this on purpose and have hidden motives, but Taliban leaders themselves say they are not against modern studies anymore and want the future of Afghanistan to prosper.

This is indeed a big change from the past when any development project, NGO activity, music etc was totally forbidden. Things are changing, for now they are, for a brighter and positive Afghanistan.