Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mysterious Yonaguni Island !

Yonaguni Island is one of the few Islands which tell us about the early Japanese Civilization. These are situated 68 km away from the Eastern Taiwan coast.

This Island is 10 km long and 4 km wide. Its atmosphere is clean and gives a refreshing feeling and thats why people from all over Japan visit this place often.
When you visit these Islands you will see these are still surviving in the old way manner, away from the busy city life. Its population is only 1684 and most of them are the old traditional Japanese tribesmen who are very welcoming, even though they don't have much resources, they are famous all over the world for their welcomeness.

These Islands are also famous for their natural and strange monuments. These are near the southern coast of the Island and are hand made ones which makes them even stranger. with the dimensions of 100*25*50 meters, this art craft is a wonder in itself as over all these years it is standing in the exact and correct mathematical dimensions.

These rocks are estimated to be 8000 years old and without a doubt it is difficult to imagine how could people in those times build something with such precision without the modern instruments and techniques.  There are many theories about who created this masterpiece.

Some historians say these rocks are the remaining of the MU civilization, while the others say that these rocks have originated due to the natural disasters over the period of time. But when we see the rocks closely it is obvious that these rocks have been carved technically and no natural disaster can originate such precise rocks with equal dimensions.

These rocks are still under research and will take lots of time to discover the truth about them. 

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