Monday, February 27, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday)

Post by Hameem, A friend from France :)

On occasion of a friend’s birthday, I proposed all my friends that we gather to have a lunch and then go out tot see the city of love, Paris.

I called my four friends, who I was sure would want to participate. I texted Pierre whose birthday it was.  Mathilde, my class neighbor and who knows Pierre till high school.  David, his class neighbor was the third, and finally Sarah the smartest of our band.

“Hey guys! Are you free on this 21st? Let’s meet and wish a happy birthday to Pierre!” After quarter -of-hundred of sms were agree for 24th February. No birthdays of little sisters, no driving lessons… OUF! It was funny to be the organizer, I thought, later I regret.

Then we considered the issue of activity? We said we’ll lunch near about our high school (Our post-high school classes more commonly called post-bac classes are also integrated some time in high school campus). But what to do after lunch, we had no idea. I suggested we went to all Paris’ famous places and took pictures in order to make an album. Ma~  said it would be fun going in front of Pierre and Marie Curie University and take a picture of him with the signboard. But finally He proposed the idea of cinema. The idea was pleasant. We’ll be at warm together, see a good film and talk about it after.
In my opinion, Holidays are synonymous of annoy and disturb your internal clock. 

You become an owl. You sleep all day and “work” all night. Work like surfing on internet, facebook, 9gag, seeing Japanese dramas, and listening music, in other words things which have no direct or indirect relation with your studies. Poor parents! Who think that their children prefer the calm of nights for studying? I have this constant problem with mine. They trust me. And sometimes I want they wouldn’t. All this to say, I thought that we’re already 23rd Feb. and texted my friends if it was all ok “for tomorrow”. Ma~ replied: We didn’t set it on 24th? I had a look on my calendar… we were 22nd ah mince! Vive les vacances! The after exchange of sorry I redefined: 24th, at 13h (13 heures comme dissent les français).

It was all going well until Sarah called me. She just checked her messages and wondered if it was possible to meet tomorrow instead of day after tomorrow? What again ?!?  I told her that it was already embarrassing mistaking dates. I won’t send other messages but if she took the responsibility to change the date, the door was wide open. I had nothing to do tomorrow. Like all other days. I think she called all the tree friends. Bad luck Mathilde was busy tomorrow. However, she said she’ll manage. And I believed. Nevertheless, I was a bit furious about it, because she said it was ok for 24th, and now she was saying it wasn’t. Oh common girl! Why didn’t u just said at once the first day? What’s the problem with you? She replied she misunderstood me.  I haven’t been clear enough… blablabla…

She also asked us to meet at 11h30 instead of 13h. That way, she could program other rendez-vous, I imagine. I texted David and Mathilde. Mathilde was ok, and David just didn’t answer. (Here’s another problem, how he can’t be stuck with his mobile, because I am. I am addicted, level: ultimate).

The D-day, 24th feb, David messaged et 8h30. I can come at 11h30! I urgently called Ma~, who surely was angry et me for my early disturbance, but she said ok. I tried to join pr, but his mobile was off. So I let sms and fb messages that we were meeting at 11h30 at train station in front of our school. And I prayed that he saw his messages at time. And he did. But unfortunately, meanwhile DaÆ  sent another message: “We‘re going to ski at 16h00. I‘ve a lot of things to do before, sorry finally, I can’t come”. What just I read? Why u didn’t realize that your departure was programmed to be at 24th? Why didn’t u answer me seriously? You thought I was joking? But I kept all this for me and said what I said to ça-rat: Never mind J . 

This words show that I forgive those who care about me and means indifference to other. That’s why I like this word that much. Mean while also, Ma~ called me and said pr will never see it at time. So we must meet at 13h00. And I sent a message to pr on facebook. Just facebook. And he only checked his sms.

At 12h30, when I was about to exit, I saw his message: “hey! I ‘m here from about 20 min. message me when u come! J” 1143h it was.. That time I realized how bad organizer I’ve been.

Anyhow, we had a nice day. We went to Mk2 cinema next to François Mitterrand Library and we saw “Dos au mur”. Happy birthday PIERRE!

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