Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take my hand and Never let go..


Written By: Maham Shahbaz

There in a corner I was..
I almost gave up hope on this world 
I was tired of being in the shadows 
I knew nothing of people
but their black cold hearts and changing nature..
u came their , a light glowing around u.. 
u sat there next to me , like a mother sits by her child.. 
u tried to take my hand but I couldn't give u ,it was so dark.. 
u smiled and said 'i'll illuminate u'
I replied 'I don't want another broken wish' 
u stood up in front of me , covering me 
'I wont let anything harm u, 
I will be your shield just come back to the light with me' 
what is in light ,I asked,
broken hearts ? Broken wishes? Plastic smiles ? Fake assurance? I'm good alone 
I saw a tear trickle down your eyes you held your hand once more to me 
'I will never give up on u' 
I looked down my bloody hands, I didn't want that blood to be on your hands.
Confused still I asked u 'but why?' 
He smiled in the simple way he always did 'I love u that's why' 
I gave a sarcastic laugh 'love ? There is no love but lies and fake promises' 
'You don't know , you haven't tried me . 
Everyone is not the same. Try me and you wont fail again .
I will hold you firmly and you wont feel alone'
with this u took my dark hand and u kissed my ice cold heart and it melted away..
this time I didn't back away, I let u have it...

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