Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This Poem is Written by Maham Shahbaz :)

See that bird over there?? In the cage?
She wants to fly away..
Into the wilderness , into the open air.
She wants to feel what was made for her,
but she cant..
She tries , she cries , flaps her wings and thinks.. 
“are they meant for flying or for beauty?”
She looks outside to the breaking dawn.
Hope floods through her cage..
“maybe today he might let me go”
she thinks..
On the orange sky she looks at others fly,
Her heart skips a beat for she knows 
her wings are really meant for flying.
She flaps her wings again, trying to break free.
Her master thinks she is hungry,
so he gets her food and water,
The heart broken bird sits their,
quietly thinking why cant she fly with the rest?
Her master comes up to her and tells her he loves her,
She looks at him with a broken heart and tearful eyes,
hoping he would understand for those,
who love can see right through your heart.
He mistakes them for gratefulness and walks away.
The bird sits there now all alone.
the sun is setting..
Others fly toward their home and,
she still cant fly..
Outside she looks at the sun.
drowning in her sorrow,
With the setting sun, her every bit of hope sets,
As the darkness envelops her,
she tries to think what she did wrong,
She is trapped in a cage made so,
lovingly by her master,
She has wings but she cant use them,
She cries in the night over the selfishness,
of every man who doesn't stand up for her,
She cries when no one can see,
So that her master’s heart wont break...

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