Friday, November 18, 2011

Marketers create Artificial needs.

There are many arguments and contradictions that marketers create artificial needs. Well as far as my opinion is concerned i do agree with the statement that marketers do create artificial needs. Its basically without which we cant survive. Everyone is hungry of fulfilling his/her desired needs. The best example can be of coke. Consumer today want coke rather water at some cases. I have seen lots of people those who prefer to drink coke apart from water which is an argued statement that what led them to be that way. 

Another very good example can be that of smoking and cigrettess. There are many smokers who cant quit smoking and through self ego defence mechanism changes the thoughts that its not going to hurt them. Marketers do create artificial needs which they play amongst the minds of different consumers. However its difficult to manipulate the consumers. For that you are required to have extensive information cited and justified by supported points. Good example in case of social networking is Facebook. 

Marketers have potrayed in your mind that interaction and interacting with others in a social circle enhances your intellectual skills. The consumers now believe that they cant control logging on to facebook, literally at times when we are trying to study. Another example can be that of beauty products. Stereotype argument that something is good if its look beautiful. So marketers try to take the advantage of this attitude and set of believes which let them to make the consumers think that if they will use this specific beauty product then all others are going to admire you in the society,

Otherwise No Chance ! 

Needs created for the metrosexuals is an excellent example in this modern era. Metrosexuals are the ones who are beauty and fashion concious males. Its a big deal how the needs for metrosexuals have created in the market which is of influential trademarks of being a marketer, Opened up a new segment in the market. Artificial promises are hence being made, once of which the American Association of Ad agency took notice and claimed that this ad is doing atificial promises. But it doesnt really means that marketers are unable to create artificail needs. 

This article is written by Hassaan Ajmal :)

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