Monday, January 17, 2011

Dr. Abdus Salam, Jewel of Pakistan.

It was second world war when the Punjab government imposed 'War tax' on the people. The tax was collected from them and passed to the British government who used it for the care taking of the army. The tax abolished with the end of second World War in 1945 but the Punjab government still had a few lakh rupees of collected tax in their account.

Malik Khizar Hayat Tawana was the Chief Minister of Punjab at that time and he had two choices, either pass the money to the British government or donate it to some other fund of the government. He hit upon an interesting plan and announced that he will send 4 most intelligent students of Punjab for higher studies to UK. Four students were selected and sent to London. In these 4 studens there was one whose father was a low ranked officer in the Dept. Of Education, District Jhang and could never have dreamt of higher studies. He had passed matric in 1940 with record numbers and did his masters from Govt. College Lahore in 1946. He went to London on the expenses of Punjab Government and later on Won a noble prize in Physics. This is the First and Only noble prize of Pakistan and the name of Student was Dr. Abdus Salam.

Note: Dr. Abdus Salam was a 'Qadiyani' and couldn't get much appreciation in Pakistan and shifted to Italy later.

IMP: This part was taken from the Article of Javed Chaudhry, the famous Pakistani writer, written on Sunday, January 16, 2011 and translated in English.

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