Friday, September 11, 2009

True Story: Poor family serving guests.

Scene one.
It was a usual sunny Sunday when I woke early but had to skip the breakfast. My father told me that we were going to one of his best friend's house. He was an Audit officer and I could still remember in my childhood going his place every weekend and playing cricket with his children in the front lawn of their big house. we got ready, but on our way I realized that we were going to a really backward area of Multan. I didn't bother much and after some time we stopped in front of a really small house. It was about thrice my room, the door was made of wrecked and I could see the bricks everywhere. We knocked at the door, we were three people in total. Papa, my brother and me. We went inside and were greeted really well. Everyone was very happy to see us. Egg and bread was served for breakfast.


Scene two.
There was a poor family of six people. One day they decided to have a special breakfast on the coming weekend. Usually their morning food comprised of just a cup of tea with the remains of the dinner of last night. They started collecting money for the next weekend which approached within no time. Money they had collected over the week was enough to buy them their special breakfast. On that sunny Sunday the eldest of the two sons went and brought material for their special breakfast which was "Fried Egg and Bread" =O Everything was ready, the kids really excited, they were about to start when someone knocked at the door. There were three people standing outside, a friend with his two sons. The family had guests to entertain now. The special breakfast was served to the them...

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