Saturday, June 20, 2009

Innocent Dobby.


At last Dobby was killed in the last part of harry potter series. There is no doubt that Dobby was the most ignored character in the series. After a huge success of the second Harry potter movie Dobby was not even included in the next movies, his role was mostly covered up by other actors doing the stuff in the movies that Dobby actually did in the book. It was easily visible thtat the second movie was a huge success and people loved the character of Dobby the house elf. "Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts" was the most famous dialogue of the series. I think may be the writer and the director had the fear that Dobby is taking more attention and the main characters of the movie He was made one of the victims for saving harry potter which is fine because Dobby loved his master, Harry Potter and to be honest he actually did get the best possible farewell that Harry could have given but oh well. I'm pretty sure all the genuine harry potter lovers will remember Dobby forever.

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