Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Vote Wisely, Pakistan

Please do not vote for Nawaz Sharif a person who never said a word against Kulbhushan Jadhav a terrorist, who accepted he was involved in terrorist activities, but gets hyper active and accepts that yes the attack in India happened from Pakistan even when Indians are still investigating.

Please do not vote for someone who could not answer a simple question 'how did you earn your money?' and kept on blabbing day and night that what is my mistake. I mean how hard is it? If asking a question is a conspiracy then what can you say. But he could not answer a simple question. Just to malign Pakistan's army.

Please do not vote for someone who lied in the National Assembly of Pakistan, himself said that he wants an investigation on Panama Papers, then kept on lying and lying in the Supreme Court and with the public. Still lies!
Please do not vote for a person who says everything is a conspiracy against him, that the whole world has nothing else to do but to conspire against Nawaz Sharif? BBC? Daily Mail? Guardian? Supreme Court? Panama Papers? New York Times?
Please do not vote for a family whose daughter says she has no property, lies on TV, but then accepts that yes the property in London was hers. His brothers saying something different, father giving a different statement, If this is not a proof of their lie then nothing else is.
Please do not vote for a person who was your leader three times, but every time makes the same promises, and asks for another turn making the same promises. Just do not vote for the ones you have tried again and again.
Please do not vote for a person and make him a leader when he has to read speeches from a written piece of paper even in front of international leaders and our public and sometimes doesn't even know what he is talking about.
Please do not vote for a party just because you have always voted for that party, or because sheeer sheeer hai, or because saada vote Nawaz Sharif da. Twada vote twada. Its for you to make a change.
Please use your common sense, please do not vote for the parties who have destroyed Pakistan in the past 20 years and have been our 'leaders' since late 80's.
Vote wisely, this time in reality, vote for a change!

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