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Views of Famous People

Wrote this way back in school days, posting it as it is, so don't judge.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah- Founder of Pakistan 

Raafay played an important part in the struggle of a separate homeland for all the Muslims of Subcontinent and Europe and Antarctica, People dispute who suggested the name Pakistan but let me make it clear it was this boy, who told it in my ear during a meeting in 1933.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal - National Poet of Pakistan

Raafay is my inspiration in poetry. I have been reading his books since my childhood days and I have learnt a lot from him, his way of writing and poetry is so different and I request the government of Pakistan to make him the national poet.

Adolf Hitler - Greatest German Leader

I have come across many a men who consider themselves brave and charismatic, but in my opinion the only person that I felt is charismatic and feared was Raafay, actually he was responsible for the World Wars.

Alexander The Great - Conquerer

Hahaha why do you people call me great?! If only they knew Raafay's potential! I call him greatest! If I conquered half of the world, this man here will conquer the whole world.

Issac Newton - Famous Scientist

Well let me be clear, and let me tell you people the truth, I copied Raafay's Laws of Motion and force equations, I still remember that day, while he was taking a nap I quickly stole his experiment book. His Ideas are still being practiced in science and all the current theories are based on Raafay's work.

Lord Voldemort - He Who Must Not Be Named

Everyone fears me, they say I must not be named. But still people take my name. The actual father of all wizards is Raafay, I must* not be named, he IS NOT named, that is how much people fear him.

Aristotle - Great Philosopher

Raafay is the greatest Philosopher of all time, I actually am short of words to praise him and the least I can say is that even I'm unable to understand his philosophies.

Barack Obama- America's President

Raafay is more dangerous and famous than Usama Bin ladin. The only person who can rule the world currently is this man! I'm ready to resign anytime if he wants to take over the presidency.

Walt Disney- Famous Cartoonist

Once upon a time long ago when I knew nothing, Raafay showed me these animations and cartoon characters in his laptop, I begged him literally if he allows me to use them, and he did. I am famous now, please name my company as Raafay Disney.

Don Bradman- Greatest Cricketer 

Raafay taught me how to play cricket he is a Godfather when it comes to playing cricket, My word he is talented, he sees the cricket ball as a football, I had been taking cricket lessons from him since I was 5 years old.

Taylor Swift- Famous Singer

The reason I break up with so many boy friends is Raafay. I am deeply and madly in love with him. Every time I see him, I breakup with my current boyfriend and all my sad songs are for him.

Ian Somerhalder- Vampire Diaries

This guy here is just so cool. He has been a very kind friend, telling me how to act, how to look dashing, letting me take his acting role as Damon Salvatore was just a glimpse of how nice he is.

Google - Search Engine

Let us declare that the Idea of google was taken from Raafay, he knew everything and we were like, wow, let's copy him. We wanted to name it Roogle, but he didn't let us.


  1. im speechless..*khush fehmian*
    but still..u rock bro XD

  2. ha ha ha ha
    that is so0 freaking FRANK-ish

  3. I think this isn't the same rafay they r talking about... but why not! U searched it u post it !

  4. And would you like to name yourself and explain what you meant? :D

  5. Ohh and for the info, I made it up myself :)

  6. my name won't help u :P

    looks like i missunderstood. i thought they were talking about a raafay. who really played these roles in their life.

    why not !! again .

  7. Nope, to understand these you need a good sense of humor :)

  8. yes yes ! i know. I prefer the isaac newton one. i should tell my physics professor about it :)

  9. Hello gentleman!
    I've been searching for the correct man. By reading ur performances , i realize that i've foud !
    according to eastern tradition, i must talk to ur parents...
    can i've the contact so i can take the next step asap.
    i can't wast my age anymore ...i am already in my early 50s.
    see u soon.

  10. WOW !! But sadly I'm in my sixties and you aren't just my type :D

  11. Hurray !! i'm sure it'll be a perfect match !
    why didn't i found u before? and ur wife and children won't object ?

  12. No they won't object, I'm allowed four marriages, btw I'm never gonna marry an anonymous :D

  13. MARRY??? lol!!!anisha here :)
    u made that up rite!!??? :D

  14. hahahahaha, raafay kiya baat hai
    i'mcompletely in awe ;)

  15. LOL! this is hilarious! i was actually thinking there were these people saying this about you! Gosh! Crazy kid! :P

  16. Hahahah thanks, The famous me :D

  17. Raafay you are awesome! :D P.s I hope you got that KitKat though. :P

  18. HAHAHA yes Aiza I am trying to get it still :P

  19. LOL!! Raafay's laws of motion.. Love the sense of humor! Keep it up :)
    Nevil Bhatt
    Alabama, US

  20. Lol, masha'ALLAH It was so funny. Glad to know that our nation has people like you, full of humor and talent. Keep it up bro ! Really enjoyed it :)

  21. You are simply OMG & woo! ^^ says this for Raafay bacha =) be blessed! & MMN predicts that you are a super quirk, can light up the name of your religion, country, family & yourself! Just cool to see your level of humor... much to say, anyways go on man! ^^

  22. Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  23. LMAO! Modest much?? :p
    it was you who inspired Newton? And here we have been taking our frustration out on that poor Law-stealer.. then we might as well shoot you right? drove us crazy with all those laws! You be glad you didn't inspire Shakespeare... else we would kill you!

    you really love yourself don't you! well that is a good start... can not inspire others if you are not happy with yourself! :D

  24. Hahahaah Roogle yar, should've named that!


  26. What a effing narcissistic bullshit. You tried to sound funny but failed miserably. GET S LIFE YOU DAFT CUNT

  27. This is actually so sweet and interesting :'D