Friday, September 11, 2015

Life's Constant


Life changes, it sure does. Time flies, it sure does. People come and go? They sure do. 

It is so true in case of my life, tough, a lot of sacrifices, keeping a distance from people, loads of hiding and keeping stuff to myself and ample lots of mysteriousness. There are several other reasons too but the summary is that I have never had someone around me for long.

It is amazing therefore, that our friendship has lasted this long. Eight years. That's no joke for a person like me. And that's enough about me. Let's talk about you.

From the chubby cheeked girl who used to type like small and big flies drawn, to the mature lovely girl you are now, it has been a worth while journey knowing you.

From our lame school days in the past, to our tough university days now it has been a wonderful ride.

You have been around from my tough days, good days, bad days, worst days, best days, normal days, weird days all types of days and I can't thank you enough and I shall never been able to.

You have been there when I needed someone around, when the times were tough, when I didn't have time to make an assignment, when I wanted give a presentation to gain confidence, when I wanted someone to read something, when I wanted someone to listen to me, when I wanted someone to trust me, when I wanted someone to take my frustration out, when I wanted someone to guide me, and I can't be more blessed. 

You are a wonderful person in any case. Such a good human, such a good personality, such a delicate heart, such a cute way of saying the dumbest of things in complete seriousness, such manners, such decency, such honestly, such beauty, such patience and humbleness and so many other superlatives. 

Thank you for tolerating, thank you for being my bestest friend ever, thank you for being the only constant in my life, actually thank you for everything, and this is an understatement.

Loads love, you mean so much, please stay the same and never ever change. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your kindness and making me a part of your life. I'll never change I promise. :')