Thursday, June 18, 2015


This is for the people I could not get back to, so just writing this in short because I can't reply everyone individually. It is amazing how easy it is for anyone to say anything and people believing everything. This must be the 4th or 5th time it has happened with me and I find it extremely funny to be honest.  I am me. As simple as that, you guys can trust me on that. Let me come back. I know how to deal with this, so kindly just relax. Though It hurts a little (it actually does a lot) I have been nothing but nice with everyone, respected everyone from the heart and well just my point of view you may not agree, but..I kind of deserved better than this. Thanks to some for being a friend and standing by me means a lot and you guys mean a lot to me as well, also thanks to others for pretending to be a friend or hating but want to curse all those who reported my instagram account and I have realized that too much interference in life by people who mean nothing. Again, most of you do know I have a surgery in few days and that is why I have been away from social networks, so please give me some space right now, if all goes well, I will be back soon to flood your timelines as usual, Happy Ramadan if you are not caged. 


  1. You're amazing anyway, Raawrfay! stay the same. :)

  2. Just read this. Hope you well. Talk to you soon, In sha Allah.

  3. Just read this. Need you back, such a good friend you are. Get well soon and come back. :')