Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Written By: Anonymous

Nowadays a woman is known by two names. Whore and Slut. Man, she refused to sleep with me, what a whore! Aye man, she slept with me, yeah, what a slut! Yeah that's a regular conversation between two different people with different topics on daily basis. it's funny how we call boys, Larka, Chokra, asshole or xyz. But we call girls, Item, Patakha, slut, whore, sexy, hottie.

Duh, obviously who cares? we are born to be rapped no boys? we don't deserve to live, right? we are born with sexy bodies to get rapped. We don't ask for anything from you guys but just one thing, "respect" our respect is everything to us. We are born to be rapped. before rapping a girl, just remember what will you do when someone rape your sister, your daughter? you laugh when you see a girl being rapped but you won't be laughing when you'll see your daughter after being rapped. always remember what happens in your past as a connection with your future. Your mother, sister is a women too. If you're breathing today, you're in this world that's cause of a women. Today, im proud to say, Im a women. But unfortunately "women" doesn't have the same respect nowadays. Respect girls, boys will respect your daughter too.

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