Sunday, March 8, 2015

The long lost Neverland


Funny as it is, few months ago there was nothing to do and I ended up writing so much, still there was a lot to write about. Life is busy now, a lot has been happening, even 24 hours in a day seem they are not enough but there is nothing to write about, its strange.

Even right now there is nothing in my mind to talk about, there are no feelings or any thoughts and to be fair I am finding it difficult to come up with words but still I want to write, I feel like writing. There must be a reason.

This feels like something.

Probably because I wrote something after a long time couple of days ago and it felt really good. Just like the good old days, whenever I used to write something even the stupidest and lamest of posts, that feeling after completing and posting, is something indescribable. 

This feels like, burden is off.

As soon as I will start typing, thoughts will flow, they will no matter what. I know. That's the beauty of it. That's the best part. You don't have to force anything, unlike when you are talking to people and you always have to come up with things to talk about, you have to force talk. Its so refreshing and relaxing.

This is like a drug, writing.

The typing of every word right in front of your eyes, reflecting on the events of the past, plans for the future. All the experiences. All the sharing you need to do. You actually talking to yourself, in whatever way you want, whatever you want makes you wonder if there is a better feeling ever.

This feels like a long lost hobby.

Those times when you don't write and you feel now you won't be able to write. But whenever you write you feel you are in the zone, you feel you belong, you feel that this is what you wanted and missed.

This feels like a remedy.

This darkness. Music. This is the best part. For everything that goes on, everything that you are afraid can happen this is the moment when you feel everything will be fine, everything will be alright, everything will work out. You actually feel better.

This feels like its magic.

Something that you know makes you feel better, or not even better, lets put it this way, it makes you FEEL. Yes, even that's more than enough. Just that tingling you feel inside you, this satisfaction that you have been able to write something, been able to share something, say whatever you wanted in your own way. 

This feels like my own little Neverland. 

Won't be surprised if no one understands this article. But for me It is just so exciting, like right now, when I am typing THIS sentence there is this slight smile on my face, and I can feel from the inside that I am happy, for some odd reason and maybe just for sometime. But this is all you need. happiness, a glimpse of happiness. I do, my own little Neverland. 

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