Monday, March 16, 2015

Peshawar Incident, 3 Months later.

Peshawar Attack

There are some events which change you forever and Peshawar Attack was one of them for me personally. Yes I said I care for and love my country but it was the night of 16/12/14 that changed everything for me. Never imagined something can have that much influence on the way I look at life and things.

Extremely non serious I was, taking life as it came along, going with the flow. But it made me realize life is unpredictable, anything can happen anytime and you just can't waste the time you have.

It made me realize every life has a meaning, when those Talibaan were shooting the kids they thought they are killing the future of Pakistan, just think for once, they are scared of us youth, what is the best way to take revenge? Tell them that we are always there for Pakistan, we will do anything we can, everything we can in our own capacity for our country.

Individuals are important. All we need to do is to promise ourselves. And it does NOT have to be something big. Just small minor things? The good things? Set goals and promise yourself that you will fulfil them. That when you are given a responsibility you will fulfil it honestly? Just studies even? They killed students who were in school, lets make sure we educate ourselves, we try and educate others around us? These are small things which we all can do in our daily lives. We can change ourselves, bring good changes.

It also made me realize that we have to carry Pakistan forward. WE are the future of Pakistan. It is our responsibility to carry the burden now, we have to show the world what we are capable of. I mean, I don't know how to put it but. Just make good decisions? Choose the right people to lead us? Raise our voice against the evil? Condemn the wrong? Stay united? Don't be ignorant at least. Pakistan has given us identity.

That first day of the incident, I had to stay calm in front of everyone, and then at night I just burst into tears. I thought I was strong. Then this cute little kid came to me the next day and gave this letter, saying we are with all the Pakistani kids. So emotional. Then after few days, I was in the lab and came across this song " Main asi qaum se hoon " and it made sure I changed forever.

I still can't get that feeling out of my mind. Every time I think about it, it gives me goosebumps, a sensation runs through me. Be it googling the images of that day, be it reading stories of what happened with individuals that day, be it listening to the songs related to the event, it gets difficult to control my emotions. But what do I do now? How do I learn from all this and do something for my country?

What I have promised myself after the incident?

For starters that whatever happens I won't forget or won't let anyone forget this incident ever and I do try my best. Will use it as a motivation, those cute smiling face of kids or those blood stained bodies will keep me motivated.

I mean okay if I use social networks a lot, so why not use it for something good? Use it as a tool from which you can achieve something, even if I am able to change one life, make someone do one small good thing, I mean it is better than doing nothing at all right? I guess it is.

Secondly I will take responsibility of at least 4 kids and will educate them from my own pocket money which I already have started with one, and InshaAllah one day open at least 4 schools in Pakistan. I know there is a long way to go in it but hey, when you don't dream you can't fulfill your dreams.

Then, I have a blog, why not use it to promote the softer image of Pakistan? Give every one who wants, the opportunity to showcase their talent. Inspire the youth of Pakistan. Use this as a tool to change the perception of Pakistan at a bigger level.

Lastly a small minor thing, on individual level, I will set my life as an example, I will make sure whenever I go, where ever I get a chance, I will always tell everyone what a great country Pakistan is, how nice we people are, I will try and change the image of Pakistan in the eyes of people around me and oh, tell them what a proud Pakistani I am.

We all can do something, just do something instead of just spending life without an aim, just try at least, just don't let those 142 lives go to waste, we owe this to those kids, we owe this to Pakistan and if we notice to ourselves.  

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  1. this was so inspiring and yeah right even a little effort by us can make a change.