Monday, February 2, 2015

Tales of Times.


Written By: Amina Tasleem.

Your time is segmented into years and months and when having a bad time in a month or a year, we say we are having a bad time in a month/year. When actually, it’s the time. But even when calling the times bad, we usually forget about life and that we were sent here to learn, to excel, to discover, to take the biggest guiltiest rides, to fall and to stand up back again.

When lost friends in a fight, misunderstandings and even to death, we spend the latter time in complaining and mourning about how unfair life is. Rather than thanking for the former happy times no matter for how long they lasted.

Lessons are for learning. Loss is there to value, to cherish happy times till you have them, to learn to move on, to not to give up, to stand determined and strong.

Death is there to accept the reality that life's temporary so are your heartaches and sadness.

Love exists so does hate, choose your path. There would've been no light if darkness never lived. Good dwells with bad.

At the end, embrace every time, adopt kindness, love truly, wear smile and hold a very strong heart. 

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