Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The UK Life - Induction Lectures

International Student Welcome

Wednesday was official welcome from our department of Science and Engineering, we gathered in a big room we were given presentations on the courses and the department, we also got our timetables and the course outlines as well, it was an hour long session then we were taken to the main hall where the dean gave us a lecture of about one hour, he personally asked me how I was liking England and if I was having any problems here, to be honest people here are really nice and friendly. I made one Chinese friend she was the only one in her course and wanted to change her course, I forgot to ask her name and after that could not find her anywhere among the same looking Chinese girls which was rather embarrassing. There was also another Libyan guy who turned out to be my class fellow, by the looks of it he was really nice as well, he asked me if I support Imran Khan, I told him yes I do, he told me then we can be friends as Imran Khan is the only person who is sincere to Pakistan, I somehow felt really proud and ashamed at the same time. After the events we had a buffet in which we were served variety of foods and that too halal, I was eating most of the dishes for the first time in my life but I was really hungry. One interesting thing that had happened was that whenever someone asked me what’s my name? I told them it’s Raafay, and they were like, oh itsRaafay, what a nice name. It happened with me almost three times, don’t know if I am dumb or they are stupid.

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