Sunday, October 12, 2014

The UK Life- Fast Place and Slow me

Double Decker Buses

This is my second day in London and the first proper morning. I was served with toast an eggs and cereal and tea for the breakfast though I didn't feel like eating but was forced to. We went out to visit the markets just to get to know the surroundings.

It was so strange, everyone was walking on the footpaths, shops were all opened early morning and people had started their day already, unlike Pakistan or USA where people wake up late. We visited stores like Marks and Spencer, Boots, Morrisons and so many others I can’t even remember the names. Everything was so simple, people were buying things there was no one to bother them, they lined up properly after buying, paid turn by turn. Everything was so simple. We also went to the library, it was such a big library with so much variety there were even Urdu books there which I never found in Pakistan.

We also went to the TESCO store where I had my first ever buying experience. I also bought my Oyster card and traveled by bus for the first time here, a Double Decker bus. It was a nice experience as well. Most of the youngsters were standing and the ones who were sitting were more than willing to empty their seats for elders. I went out for a walk in the evening just to get to know the place and integrate myself but to be very honest life is so fast here.

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