Thursday, October 16, 2014

The UK Life - Defining London

Life in London

Confession: I am in Love with London.

London can be described with so many things; it is a city with busy life and busy people. You will see people walking on the roads, footpaths, in the buses and trains either using cellphone or reading newspapers. They are all busy, yes but very polite and ever ready to help you. Life is same as we have been told, earphones plugged, fast food in one hand and cellphone in the other or a shopping bag or school bag with them. Most of the people prefer to walk, the buses and the trains are readily available. Buses are the cheapest mode of travel while trains and taxis are costly. London is all fashion, everything you wear and everything you buy, everything you do is fashion. You will see people in shorts to trousers, tops to t shirts, jeans to dress pants everything. Must say there is a huge difference in the people of UK and USA or Pakistan. So polite, they use the word sorry and thanks a lot, always have a smile on their face. Like the other day I was in the bus and a girl outside was walking, I was looking at her unintentionally and all she did was pass a smile, had it been Pakistan I would have been called names, had it been USA I would have been regarded as a fresher. Best thing I find about these people is that they care about each other a lot, esp their kids. It isn't like we used to hear that kids and parents don’t worry about each other, they do and perhaps more than we people do. Safe to say the worst people here are the rich* Pakistanis, who are so full of themselves as if they are from another planet. 

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