Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Blind, Deaf and Dumb

My soul is said to fly every night, 
When I sleep it leaves me, 
Astonishingly, I remain alive. 
I dream of falling. 
Of falling for a very long while. 
And sometimes of running, 
Toward the sunlight,
But my eyes can't open. 
I keep running like this on the track. 
My eyes cry and I am like blind.
Sometimes, I can not sleep. 
Does it mean that my soul can't fly ? 
Banned or punished ? 
Something like this? 
It can not assist the meeting of souls held above ? 
And what of when I am alone, and I start doubting? 
Why do I doubt about something I've cleared once for always?
Am I The Blind, The Deaf, The Dumb ? I fear.

By Ha-Meem Hussain, France. 

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