Sunday, July 20, 2014


Written By Maryam Ahmad.

I am here to pen down my thoughts but blank, I might leave this page blank again. I am not sure what I was about to write down, I don’t know how I am going to weaved the thread of words.

I am haunted by unanticipated stupor tangled between day dreaming and reality, an uninvited mob gnawing me, nudging me quietly unnecessarily. Its just too difficult for me to give any name to it. I feel abashed enough not to understand the human within me. There is no sadness, no loneliness, its all gone , but an undefined gap.

I am lost in perpetuated realm of mess. I am loved I know and it feels so right but I am caged in oblivious. I have walked so far away from myself and let a ravenous live inside, breathing just beside the human inside my bones.

I have seen happiness and I have seen sadness and I have become a mixture of those misunderstood.

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