Thursday, May 22, 2014

That Mysterious Girl

 Written By: Tehreem Jehangiri

In the meadows far away
I met a girl passing through the fields.
There was something about her that made me follow
Was it the way her blonde hair , entangled with the summer air
She went on like a walking poem .
And I found myself drowning in her deep Blue eyes .
Her beauty , it was unparralelled to any other.
She was a mystery .
Her smile ...
It Portrayed fear , her eyes spoke discontentment.
Little did I know ,her answers lay way beyond a man could possibly know.
She hid behind a Veil, all that was obvious was her Smile and the happiness she had painted upon herself
I followed her and the path down it lead down her eyes
I found sorrow hiding Deep down
I anxiously went on walking on that endless path
finding nothing but hurt words and bruises
I came to the end of the road which connected to a sea of tears.
I lost myself on my way back
She was bearing way too much.
It inspired me ...
The the way she was walking against the harsh wind, The way she dealt with it The way she pushed aside the sharp stalks of life
Can't we all be like that?
She beared it all , why can't we?
In the meadows far away
I met a girl passing through the fields ~

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