Thursday, March 6, 2014

Let Me Dream Cricket

Written By: Muhammad Ahmed

I had been watching my classmates play cricket since kindergarten but it never really encouraged me to try the sport until 6 years ago. It was first year of my middle school when I started to understand and take liking to cricket hence I ought myself to play in a match of a tennis ball cricket.

My dad and his brother were professional cricketers who played a lot of domestic cricket back in Pakistan and when they came to Dubai in 1985, they played representing different teams including Sharjah, Al-Futtaim etc. They played to their hearts’ content and finally called off their career in mid-90s.

I kept on playing cricket and in the last year of my middle school, I was selected in my class team to play in an inter-class school cricket tournament which we ended up winning. I’d not made much of a contribution to the team in the whole tournament but it was a whole new level of experience for me which encouraged me further, rising my passion and love for the game to great heights.

Obsession with the game became part of my soul. I kept on practicing in the cricket nets at my school for hours on my off-times. All my hard work paid off when in the second year of my high school, I was selected in my school team to represent in the Inter-school cricket tournament. It was my first tournament with a real cricket ball but we couldn't do much and were knocked out.

Alas! Since then I never played at such level but each day when I wake up, my love for the game is at a greater height than yesterday. After all this, some mysteries are unsolved. As to why my Dad has lost his passion for Cricket? Why are my friends, whom I’d admired, are moving towards other sports? Who is to blame for all of this?

Someone has to consider all of this and step-up to revive the charm cricket had in 90’s and earlier. Enthusiasm, passion and support are required for the world cricket these days or I fear, the day, when cricket remains only in the dark corners of the villages.

When I watch a cricket match, it just absorbs me completely. Nothing in the world is a better sight than when a bowler beats a batsman to the wicket or when the batsman plays a crispy cover drive for a four! A hook shot for a six sailing from above the heads is just so eye-catching. Those Men-in-white for test cricket is itself a sight of glory…

Conclusively, I wouldn't mind whatever the world does or wherever the world goes but please; Let me dream Cricket.

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