Friday, February 28, 2014

Life Love and Death

By Ha-Meem, Paris, France. 

Here I lie down on soil.
All in white.
I hear others crying out loud.
Is it my name that they shout ?
They sit beside me and call my name...
All my elders feel betrayed.
I lie there, still, experiencing it around.
Death has happened to me like this it sounds.
Younger, I've aspired to such situation,
Now, I wanna reach my destination.
I don't wanna die before my parents.
Hurt them more then I've done already.
I don't play with their feeling.
Like a ball, on tennis table is ricocheting...
I don't wanna make my life a drama,
With no chances to pass on antenna.
So I open my eyes.
Sit down.
Inhale deeply.

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