Monday, January 6, 2014

Pakistan: A Nation of Miracles

Written By: Mahhah Qayyum.

“The story of Pakistan, its struggle & its achievements is the very story of great human ideals struggling in the face of odds & difficulties”

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

There are more than 300 nations in the world. By the word “Nation” I do not mean a group of people having the same caste, religion & language, but a group of people coming from different schools of thought, having different religions & speaking different languages but being driven by the same spirit of living together under the same social code and under the same Ideology. 
This word has led many nations in achieving their goals but few of them have reached what they and their leadership desired. Out of these nations there is one to which we belong. The nation which started its journey only seven years prior to becoming and achieving the goal they all aspired for. The goal they went all out for. The goal for which they were ready to sacrifice everything and for which some of them did sacrifice all they had; their families, their property and even their lives. They believed on the dictum that “They can take nothing more from me than my life".

This nation that I would like to call the Nation of Miracles has proved itself through the test of time. It has borne the brunt of everything that time has thrown in its way. Be it the rehabilitation of refugees during the mass exodus of 1947 or the floods in the Eastern wing of the country. Be it the war of 1965 or the debacle of 1971, this country has stood the test of time. I do understand that all of these happenings might be just a coincidence, but the manner in which this great nation or as coined earlier The Nation of Miracles has coped up with these circumstances is worth mentioning.

Let us leave the past and take some instances from the present day. The present generation although immersed in the flow of technological and cultural advancements, though Facebook, Twitter and international media has become a part of their daily life and despite of the fact is being referred to as a spoiled generation, has not only earned laurels for the entire nation but have also done miracles. 

To prove my point I would like to mention names like Ali Moeen Nawazish who secured 21 As in A-Levels, Arfa Kareem Randhawa; the youngest Microsoft certified professional, the youngest CISCO engineer the 14 year old Irtaza Haider.

Nowadays the entire world is fighting a Global War On Terror (GWOT), the achievements of the miraculous armed forces of this Nation of Miracles is worth mentioning. The armed forces of the first world countries like the United States and the organizations like NATO who possess the most state of the art weapons and equipment have failed in defeating the armed terrorists. 

It is worth mentioning that it is the armed forces of this Nation of Miracles which have not only defeated these terrorists but have also conducted the largest helicopter borne operations ever conducted by any army in the world. Even with its meager resources this Army, Navy and Air Force have been successful where the armed forces of above mentioned countries and organizations have failed miserably. It will not be fair with the young officers and soldiers of this new generation who have given countless sacrifices for the safety and well-being of this Nation of Miracles. 

Nowadays there are some factions in our own society who have started to question this miracle that weather this generation will be able to sustain all the pressures being imposed by time on this Nation of Mirales? I think that now it is high time that these people start to believe that Pakistan is a miracle which had to take place. It is a miracle that has stood the test of time. 

After its inception the Hindu pundits predicted that this country which had formed on the 14th of August will not sustain the outside pressures and will succumb to its wounds within the next two years. But it was not known to them that this great nation was formed on the 27th of the Holy month of Ramadan and that is the night during which the Holy Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). 

Let it be known to the entire world which believes in miracles that this miracle is here to stay and it will stay  till the end of this universe Insha’Allah and will keep on proving its worth and keeping its wits about.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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