Monday, December 30, 2013

Mom, Where are You?

Mom, I love you mother

 Written By: Bushra Khan

One day,
When I came back from school,
Unlike always,
You weren't at the door,
I thought,
You must be playing hide and seek,
But seven days passed,
It was almost a week,
I couldn't find you,
But I remembered your words,
Keep on holding the rope,
Never lose hope,
So I kept trying,
But you were nowhere to be seen,
So I started crying,
It's been 10 years,
I'm still not able to find you,
I'm still crying,
See, your daughter ain't that strong,
It's been so long,
Why aren't you coming back,
You're doing wrong,
Again and again I have been calling out your name,
Mom! where are you?
Stop this game,
I don't need money,
I don't need fame,
I just need you,
Please come back,
I don't like this game..

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