Sunday, November 3, 2013

To Express Or Not To Express.

Expressing how you feel is perhaps is the most difficult thing in this world. Or maybe, finding exact words to express something is harder?  

For me,  there are three types of people.  

Or maybe I am all the three types of people. 

First one,  who can express freely and mean it, the other type is of the people who don’t express much but still care. The third one can be of the people who neither express nor want to express.

All these three types of people are right in what they do.

There is no doubt that expressing is good, expressing how you feel about someone or something is always better.

If you don’t express much that doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings, you don’t care for someone, you don’t have any views about something. Someway or the other people get a hint.

If you are the third type you won’t express, and you can have many reasons for that too, losing someone, messing up something, anything.

All these three types of people can be wrong in what they do.

If you over express things, express everything and share your true feelings about something or someone, that can cost you a lot of people, even loved ones, even the ones who care for you but you don’t.

The second type of people perhaps are the most innocent ones here, they care, but they don’t share and lose out on so many people in life, so many opportunities, few hold on to you, others get bored and leave.

You for sure lose out on most things if you don’t share or don’t wanna express. But such type of people are ready, they know they don’t have much choice neither do they leave much choice for others.

All these three types of people wish..

That they have people in your life who won’t mind If you over express, over tell, over excite things, they’ll participate in everything you say and do, support you.

That they have people in your life who understand you, they know how you feel about things even if you don’t express much, so they don’t make you over express and make things simpler for you. 

That they have people in your life who know you well enough to know your reasons, they understand your problems, they don’t over expect and they don’t make you overdo things you don’t want to.

Trust me if you are all these three people at the same time, it gets really difficult. Trust me it takes a lot out of you, it drains you emotionally, mentally, physically.

People have a lot to say, but to understand someone, you gotta  put yourself in someone else's shoes to see what they go through, judging is easier.

Maybe they have had experiences in life that have made them what they are? Maybe they have learnt a lot from life, maybe they see how people are, maybe they know what can be good for someone from their point of view? Maybe they have a reason, maybe .. they just do what they have to do.

People gotta understand people are different. Sometimes they change, different people fall in these three different categories, they want you to be like them, they expect you to treat them their way. So you keep running here and there falling in different categories everyday, several times.

Dealing with different people differently sometimes is necessary. There are times when you have no choice, there are times when you just don’t want to hurt, there are times when you just don’t want to give false hope, there are times when, you are .. you just .. you are just helpless.

People have no right to express an opinion until they know all of the answers. 

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  1. Wowowow! Rafaay you write so well (Y)
    Keep up the good work.