Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One Coin and 5 Toffees worth a Smile.

Smile, excitement, more smiles, are just priceless sometimes.

There are minor things in your life which, if you think about or want, leave a lasting impression on you. A similar thing happened with me recently, and it actually made me happy.

Few days ago I was out for a walk, the usual everyday walk with headphones in my ears, cellphone in my hand, roaming around. I took a turn at the end of a street and there was this boy, around 5 or so years old, running here and there in a street.

I just couldn't help it, just couldn't ignore him. He wasn't wearing any shoes, ragged clothes, still looked adorable. He had a rope in his hand and was swaying it here and there. I have this habit of not stopping during a walk no matter what happens plus it was extremely cold and raining, so I kept on walking, but slowly.

Suddenly he shouted: Bhaaaaai Bhaaaaai Bhaaai.

I turned around, looked back and he had a coin. Bhai apkay 5 rupay.

I didn't even realize I had a coin in my pocket and I had dropped it. Usually coins in my pocket irritate me so I had this idea. Just turned back, paused the stopwatch and went towards him.

" Ye tow mera nahi hai koi nahi aap rakhlain ye " I said, with the usual ' sympathy ' people show towards poor.

I was really amazed when he replied: " Nahi ye chori hogi agar ye apka nahi hai tow "

And to my amazement threw the coin away and he had such seriousness on his face that I kinda felt ashamed of myself.

" Wo jab main school jata tha na tow ustani kehti thi k ye chori hoti hai neechay giri hui cheez nahi uthatay agar apni na ho "  He said.

Shocked, I said: Nahi nahi rakh lo main keh raha hoon na.
He gave no importance to what I said and ran away, with his rope, swaying it here and there.

I picked up the coin, went to a nearby superstore and bought 5 toffees, on my way back handed him those 5 toffees which he gladly accepted without even saying a word. But the best and most important thing was a huge wide smile on his face and so much excitement in his eyes.

That smile, that excitement was just priceless.

Writing anything more will just spoil this post so yeah as we all know life is an ongoing process so you never know, who, what, where teaches you something worth learning.

Someday more than just taking pics to show how brilliant photographer I am or writing stuff about such people to show how deep I can write, I'll Insha Allah do something practical for such cute and adorable kids.