Monday, November 25, 2013

Epitome of Perfection


There are things in life that become a part of you, then there are people who become a part of who you are, in simple words, such people are your oxygen, they are the rare ones in anyone's life and for me, you are one of them.

Then there are people in life, which you wish for! You dream of. You imagine what a perfect person would be, rarely does it happen that such a person exists in a life time, but fortunately, that person exists, and it is you.

I can't even think of one moment over the past one year when you have let me down in anyway. I really mean it. There is not even a single such moment.

But there have been several moments when you've made me feel the luckiest person. In so many ways too. Luckiest to have known you, luckiest to have been friends with you, luckiest to have been close to you.

You are like that diamond in a crown, that makes the crown look a thousand times more important and precious.

The way you talk is so soothing, that whenever I am in a bad mood, or down I think of calling you so I can hear your voice, even if it is for 1 second, 10 minutes or 1 hour.

The way you care is so amazing! One feels like being unwell or in a bad mood on purpose just so you can care, you can make feel better, you can be there.

The way you speak slowly has a charm of its own, as if everything around comes to a still, and everything becomes calm itself.

The way you smile is beautiful! As if there won't be anything more beautiful than this and that this precious little smile would make anyone smile in the worst of times.

You, yourself are beautiful! From outside and from within. You are pure, both from the outside and within, you are as lovely as it gets, both from the outside and within.

These words might not mean anything but these are from the heart, as pure as you are, just to let you know you are epitome of perfection in my life.

Thank you for everything! From caring for me, for crying for me, for trusting me, for loving me, for wasting your time, for all the times I have made you talk while you eat, for every time you are asleep, for every time you wait at nights, for every time you think about me, for every time you breathe, actually thank you for existing.

Happy Birthday and a happy life ahead! Hope all your dreams and wishes come true, you have a happy healthy successful life ahead.

Loads love.

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