Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tears of Happiness.

Written By: Yumna Ghori.

I lifted up the shutters,
And let the sparks pierce their way through me.
It's soft ripple,                                                                
the trickle as it slipped through the smooth transparent glass.
It drummed into my ears.
Occult electrostatic forces pushed their way; and into my veins.
I shuddered, but with utter delight, Ecstasy.

The rhythm with which it poured in torrents onto me,
Excitement stirred my soul.
The shrouds of its dulcet sprints,
Kaleidoscopic blindness draped itself over my vision.
I adorned the melodious rush,
As it drenched my soul.
Enveloped me into its enchanting beauty.
Dazzling scenarios.
Breathtaking revelations,
Enlightening the heart , mind and soul.
Spell bounded by it's exoticness,
I gazed into it's interminable  horizons,
Plunged into it's pool of deep sheer aromatic nectar.
I looked up and saw it's smiling face.
Those eyes locked into mines.
I blinked hard as it washed itself over, onto me.
It's eyes sparkled with infinite tears,
Tears of happiness.
I smiled back at it,
As it's my sole companion,
The closest one,
Yes , it's rain.

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