Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wasu aur Mein.

Written By: Smile Khan. (France)

It has been a long time I haven't written any suggestions, regardless their supportive material. Actually nothing managed  inspiring me as much as this song I discovered recently.

When I first heard it, my eyes were just falling out, I wondered how we managed to make a great step forward in music field but above all on the content. Pakistan's History I was planning to sort out one day, was just served in a well served dish. It had nothing to do with boring afternoons at library but just a combination of simple words in a simple way. The structure of verses is amazing because enlightens and uses various forms of Urdu spoken in Pakistan.

If you still haven't any clue of what I'm talking about, just take 5 min to watch it here.

Yes, I'm talking about : Apnay Ullo Kitnay Tedhay. This song is incredible not only because this is the first time I see the word " ullo" in a song title but also because it just summarizes Our History in Urdu.

A man belonging to Baluchistan is sitting in a Police Station waiting-room exposes the verses which spellbind you. Shehzad Roy in role of corrupted elite, sings the refrain. The corpus, the body of this song, its real consistence comes undoubtedly by lyrics which start by "Quaid-e-Azam aya, Pakistan banaya" sung by a common Pakistani. His name is Wasu and he dreamt about this song before singing it. Someone made a YouTube video with thousands of viewers including Shehzad Roy, himself.

The song gave birth to short documentary which founds an echo in serials we have come through like Ugly Betty. Some Japanese serials have the same story line too : Introducing a neglected girl then making fun of her ignorance, marvelling at her simplicity then finally offering her make up and giving her hype clothes. Showing that appearance and knowledge are the basic need of our Society. There comes Wasu, a man living in remote Baluchistan area with no electricity and gas. He never went to school but recites you Pakistan's History as never your "best-est" teacher have ever managed to.

Since, this man cherish a genuine respect toward Quaid-e-Azam, who he names fondly : Baba. Wasu is a man who salutes Quaid-e-Azam wherever-library, museum- he founds his portrait. It has been too long that a Pakistani adult showed a respect beyond words in practice.

I don't know how much the documentary is authentic. Even if the scenario is modified to fit  technical criteria, I believe Wasu's questions and reactions are authentic. And if this is not the case, this documentary is not a ordinary documentary. But a deep life-lesson producers have come through.

In 8 'episodes' of which this documentary is composed, you'll visit Baluchistan, Bangladesh, Ziarat residency,

Oh and Watch it without moderation !

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