Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Note: I just wrote this post to get rid of 'sometimes' as I use sometimes too much sometimes, but I guess sometimes you just have to use sometimes.

Sometimes you have to prefer your brain over your heart.
Sometimes you reach a limit that no matter how serious, nothing matters anymore.
Sometimes you take things too lightly, then they haunt you forever.
Sometimes you think you are overdoing, but actually people expect so much more.
Sometimes you cross so many limits after which there is no way back.
Sometimes you need a break, after that you never kickstart ever.
Sometimes you ignore many small happiness for one big uncertain happiness.
Sometimes you have to find the answers of things yourself.
Sometimes you go through horrible times, then, you conquer you fears.
Sometimes you may find life meaningless, it maybe the most important time.
Sometimes you feel you are hilarious, but that doesn't mean everyone thinks that.
Sometimes you try too hard for something, even when you can get it easily.
Sometimes you want to be free and alone, but then people care.
Sometimes you watch things happen, and you just keep on watching with a dead heart.
Sometimes you want to depend on people, sometime you have to depend on them.
Sometimes you care so much, even then you lose.
Sometimes you think you can do it, though you fail miserably.
Sometimes you try and change the facts, but facts will remain facts.
Sometimes you hate someone so much but they love you back even more.
Sometimes you don't even struggle, yet you get the best.
Sometimes you take things for granted, and life teaches you a very good lesson.
Sometimes you realize the best thing you have is the worst thing for you.
Sometimes you write something aimlessly for others it can be the best lesson ever.
Sometimes you wish for something desperately but then others wished for it more.
Sometimes you watch things happen, forgetting, you can also make things happen.
Sometimes you make things happen even when there was no hope.
Sometimes you want people to stay, they want to stay, but both move on.
Sometimes you want to see darkness all around, and you miss the light.
Sometimes you can go on and on, but that can be the right time to stop.



  1. Sometimes i think that i'll get over your posts, but sometimes again you proved me wrong! :'D
    Another awesome post. :) but the first one on which i'm commenting:P

  2. Yeah but I guess I will never know who you are, thanks btw :P

  3. i'm ayesha, btw. :D from twitter. ;)

  4. "Sometimes you take things for granted, and life teaches you a very good lesson."
    Favorite sentence.