Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Wanna Reborn.

Written By Hameem.
I came back from my trip and I told my mother all the things I learned. I told her the story of the dark paths. I shared my fears, my concerns. I described people I had met there living in simplicity and harmony with nature. I have just cameback but I would love to return there ... My mother asks me not to so I practice experience that will allow me to survive ...

I close my eyes and I sit on the feet's palm, I bring my head closer to  my  knees and I let my hands go behind. I'm in the fetal position and I abandon myself to the ground. I do not think about anything. I take a long breathe. Around me, there is only joy and happiness. The warmth and security. I am synchronized with nature, that is when my fingers, my muscles begin to shiver.

I am no longer a fetus but a seed. I thanked the earth to have fed. Indeed the earth gave heat, water and essential to survive. But i keep trembling  and do not want to remain in the dark, I want to go see what's up there. At the Top. Then I come out of my cocoon, tearing the walls and reache to the surface. It is a painful and slow process. It ends up in a field, then I ran against the sky. I grew, my body hardens, my branches are always looking for the sky, I wanna go higher, yeah higher. I feel rivalling the mountains and playing with the sun. But though my branches extend over my  pain turn to be more intensive. So it is no longer, I screamed.

I was born. Again.

The Compostela Pilgrim.

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