Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Difference between Ice and Snow.

By: Hameem.

Yesterday I saw for the first time a snow cristal without any lens, without any other screen but my own eyes. I thought it was all legend and publicity around the theme of christmass. Never have I been that wrong. I was out and staring at these little snow flakes which had and dentride forme. It happened to be the only time when nature didn't shattered my vision of things but at contrary enforced my facinated. Later, deepening the question why the ice and water are transparent but not snow, I went searching upon snow flakes. And i found this !! The forme of flakes i saw today wasn't the only one and not even the prettiest one but anyhow, intresting.

This is an attempt to take a snow flake  
A month ago, when it snowed a lot, I asked my professors why snow was white ? They replied it was a matter of cristals, but I wanted more explanations, wikip├ędia, and yahoo question/answer scheme helped me out. Finally I know . In summary the hexagonal form which is common to all these flakes u can see, acts like a prisme. ( This hexagonal preference is related to minimizing Potentiel Energie: Ep ) It reflects all the all the colors in every directions. However, as you have a lot of coats of cristals, the superposition of the visble spectrum colors gives white. The theory related to this phenomenon is Mie Diffusion and is applicated in the same way we use Rayleigh Diffusion to explain sky's blue color.

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