Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life as it is.

By Ifra Javed.

Life sucks. Never trust anyone is a lesson I learnt so well, but a lesson I keep forgetting to apply. But what do I do, god has made man so vulnerable, so weak. It is so easy to be fooled, no matter how much we try there comes a time when we let our guard down and that one moment is all it takes. 

I have fallen, I arose, but even then as I stumbled through life, I knowingly got myself in quicksand and now I'm neck deep in that mess. They say there's always a way. "When there's will there's a way" but at the moment I feel completely lost. Totally forsaken. My mind is gone and I'm spinning around, and deep inside my tears ill drown. I'm losing grip, what's happening, I stray from love. This is how I feel. And it's not a lovely feeling. Sigh. .... Life as it is. 

This is when you get that feeling that you just want to abandon yourself, when you don't want to do anything for yourself. When you don't want to improve yourself. When you stop caring for the most important thing in the world and that's you. When life itself seems like a waste of time, and you just want it all to stop.

But something keeps you going. People you love. You want to please them. You want to satisfy them. You want to be better for them. You want them to be proud of you. That is what I want most in the world, to be perfect for the people I love. And those who love me. And I would do absolutely anything to achieve that. But it's never that easy, is it?

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