Sunday, December 9, 2012


Written By: Amna Aziz

She walked along the beach,
Staring as wave after wave lapped at her feet,
With each wave flashed scenes from long ago,
It seemed the waves had quickened,
For now the memories were a cacophony of emotions.
A smile here, a laugh there,
Sometimes happiness, sometimes an act,
Punctuated with silent misery and violent storms.
Her thoughts wandered to the desert of long lost dreams..
A strange longing enveloped her heart, her very being,
Longing for something she had held for a moment,
For something snatched out of her reach,
For dreams that lay around her like broken crystal,
For the passion that had died from within her,
For everything she had lost along the way.
She then looked above her and smiled,
“See Lord?” She asked,
All that and I’m still a survivor, like you always wanted me to be.
Still hoping, still dreaming, still believing..
Still living on...
She turned her gaze towards the setting sun, and thought..
I’ve come a long way despite the obstacles,
At peace I’ll be when,
The sun of my life finally sets in.

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