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It's a small funny world!

I'm writing this because I feel like writing. That's a big change, No?

It's a small world isn't it? Today I interacted with someone and that someone told me they are related to my grandfather from the other side of family and turned out be my distant cousin. Now that's the beauty of social networks! Oh and that someone is REALLY NICE :)

These 15 or so days have been totally different from what I have been spending in the past. More active, more happening and more meaningful. I actually have been able to fully concentrate on my rehab as I wanted to, still a long way to go but hopefully InshaAllah it will pan out well. Another astonishing thing was that I was forced to stay away from the computer screens and stuff as my laptop and the desktop wasn't working.

One more change that was noticeable was that more than thinking, writing and watching I played cricket regularly. Cricket is a strange game though, a perfect leveler.. one day you bowl 7 maiden overs and taking wickets on the very next day you are hammered all over the park.

I want to write poems! I just  can't. I just don't have the concentration level to think in a pattern and find the exact words, I really adore people who write poems. Playing with words the way they want and even summarizing a life in a few lines, That's the most difficult thing to do.

There are people who love you and there are people who hate you. There are people who love you and understand your problems and then there are people who love you but don't understand your problems. There are also people who care for you and there are also people who'll backbite you. how do differentiate and choose? I think one should only concentrate on what they are doing and not worry about the people around them, friends won't need explanations and  enemies don't need to be explained.

Winter is here! There were times when I loved winter, well it's still better than extreme summer but don't know for some reason I feel winter is depressing now.

There is always a season for everything, these days many of my relatives and friends have been unwell, some of them being operated in the near future, hopefully everyone gets well soon and is fit and running once again. Ameen!

Umhhhhm I smell Biryani, I guess I should stop writing now and go eat something .. Next time I write, India vs Pakistan series will be near and I know how nervous and excited I will be. I'm even excited while writing about it! Bubye! :D


Lubaina E. said...

Your writing shows jumpiness and cheeriness this time :D
Too bad the winters are not really winters at Karachi </3

Raafay Awan said...

Hahaha thats so true , something cheerful this time :D

Yeah Karachi always lacks winter :/

Yusra Hussain said...

Ooh Ooh, Welcome back Raafay!

Raafay Awan said...

Thanks Yusra :))

Amna Aziz said...

your Rehab? for what? :P

Raafay Awan said...

You must know my 'little' secret ATA :D

Hiba Naved said...

Loved it. Why am I not surprised? :)

Raafay Awan said...

Why Hiba, why? :D