Friday, August 3, 2012

Sacred surprise.

I'm just comming back from tarahweeh prayer. Something special happened...

In our neigbourhood there was no mosque at all, so the muslims are carrying out a project of construction for sevral years now. The construction is based on public funds and they haven't gathered enough money yet to sign a contract with any constructing corporation...
However, for the moment we havev got the ground, and there is a tent standing instead of the mosque specially mounted to welcome the holy month of ramadan prayers.

The speaker today told us he had a surprise for us, us all the prayers of at least 20 different nationalties.
And guess what this surprise was : a father called them the day before, asking if his child, a 13 years old hafiz would lead the taraweeh prayer... And this father was Pakistani. He has three sons, all of them hafiz e Quran. My father told me that arabs and africans of every age were embracing them after one of them lead us in prayer.

During those four rakats, I felt both proud and jealous. I wished very hard my parents also sent me to a madersa memorizing Quran. More then one prayer cried at his voice and after those rakats the speaker congratulated him and annouced that instead of being non-arabophone his pronounciation was "perfect "and he made zero mistakes. A record for a child !!!

On the exit one of my father's contact congratulated him, even if my father was linked to those children only by nationality!

In short, god sends somtimes special ones to kick you up on the right way...

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