Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U said Movies ?

Written By: Hameem Hussain

I feel holidays like a real burden. I have nothing to do especially and all to do in fact. I have to manage time all by myself. I hate this. However, i was feeling great yesterday because i finally opened my maths copybook. Studied a bit my 'automorphisme orthogonaux'. But sooner my cellphone snaped my attention. I wish there weren't any cellphones sometimes... I checked my messages, mails, facebook account and end up watching a film.

 Arakshan. I long heard its songs but never saw the film. now i can say that it totally worths watching.
Arakshan means quota in Hindi. The scene takes place in a prestigious science college. A law aproval puts the castes of india on the edge of great conflict. This law reserves 47% of places in higher studies establishments for poor people instead of 25% earlier. The least show there joy dancing in the streets and invading great colleges gateways.
This story is also a struggle of the Principle of this private scientific college to apply his principals: equality for all in front of education. Every one have to be given a chance without consideration of his background. And the real success is based on merit. This film shows curruption in education system: Private lucratif tuition centres, the lackof performing government educational system.
This man gives free classes on his balcony every morning for the weaker students. He's always good for others. His vision of others is very optimistic. But this currption system is more powerful then his will.
He has to give up  his post, his home, his daughter. He's betrayed by almost everyone and find his family in a very desperate position. But his priniciples are still with him and his true friends too. This film is also a triumphe of education and equality.

This is a must watch film. Because the issue discussed talk to us all. Especially in southeast asia. Without mentioning that the role of principle is embodied by Amitab Baachanwho has managed to convey accurately the meassage of courage. Go ahead !!!

Then I gave a try to 'Pyar ka punchnama ' whose name said nothing to me. But this hasbeen a good discovry too. This is a story of three single friends living together. Frustrated by thee routine life they find out some girls.
The standard films ends when the prince charming's and princess' wedding. This story seems to start up from 'The End'. It is centered on how difficult it is to maintain a relationship. How little by little perfect love illusion shatters and leaves place to frustation again. I think this is funny but intresting film because points out some absurdities. See this film as thing not to do. It is full if advices and reality of a couplelife.
The three main characters are young working men. One of them, called liquid,  compares himself with a dog and holds a different vision of working life. 

The third film was 'Teen patti'. Another Amitab Baachan's film. He playes a mathmatician. Who discovers the logic of poker and probability. Wants to do a master or doctorate. I don't remember exactly. But his papers are always rejected. So he with a bunch of students, he experiments his new project theory: who will win. Hated by the principle and some of teacher too, he and his student have to work out all the hindranceon their path. I think it's great and full of a philosophy u may discover on by your own.

And then i moved on aother movie, i forgot the name. But fell asleep after the first twenty minutes.

Hope i managed convincing u !! Holidays !! : )

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