Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Taha and Rauhan: Sensational Music Duo.

Time has passed and Taha, along with his friend Rauhan have released their first single which is a medley of Chasing cars – Snow Patrol and Yaheen – Uzair Jaswal. It is released by Walnut Studios a platform famous for promoting young talent in collaboration with Walls Cornetto (Say it with Cornetto).

They both are the students of BBA at Nust Business School and it was at the hostels of NBS where both of them met for the first time and soon recognized  the fact that both of them together can form something special. They started singing at many of the NUST events and also where ever they got a chance to show their talent.

No ride is a silky smooth one and that was the case with both of them. Taha is from Multan and used to sing at school level as well as at the college level and also has a national position to his name in Naatkhwani competitions. Rauhan on the other hand is from Abbottabad and Todd Shea was the reason he got into music while Noori and Sarmad Ghafoor are his inspiration.

Both of them thank their parents for the support over the years. Also their manager Abdul Basit Khan who is a friend and also their biggest critic.

Taha has always idolized his elder brother Ehsan who has been his inspiration all along the way, While Ehsan used to sing he used to listen. Ehsan has to leave for Air Force and could not pursue with the singing so Taha always wanted to carry his brother's passion forward for him and hopes all these efforts will make his brother proud.

For sure they are one of the most talented duo around and are gaining high praise and acknowledgements wherever they show their talent. Their first cover is gonna be their breakthrough and a road opening for many more to come on which the work is already underway. Best of luck to both of them.

Taha and Rauhan's Faceboook page is HERE and you can always join.
Here is their first cover which is a must listen :)