Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love or Pain.

By Maham Shahbaz.

Never ending love or pain?
I want to believe you
I want to trust YOU
but don't you have to earn it?

I cry for a thousand years and u come to wipe off my tears
You make me happy
You tell me to smile
I take that as a friendly gesture
and listen to you , maybe because I'm sick of the frown

I know changing nature of people
I know how they forget and move on
how life , like a flood takes away things that matter
how easily some one who was holding u tight can leave ur hand just because of a storm
how they say they will always have your back when u need them
but when u turn around for help u find urself in a lonely alley
how they are always there to support u but just by their words

You tell me you wont change
You wont let me go
You will be there
You will support with more than just words
but my dear they all made those promises

and they all forgot
I dont blame them much for making life a dull black desert
every one is selfish
the mirage ur trying to create for me
the non-exist oasis that u want me to see
will only break me more
will only make the sun set more
but go ahead try , when others had a chance then why not u?
You should have a chance to destroy
to paint black
to break a wish
You should have a chance
its only fair to do whatever you like in a dull desert.


  1. without hope of finding someone who won't break our wishes, u may lost some motivation of living. The risk and pain make it more difficult.

    Well done maham !