Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When you came..

By Nihal Moiz:

When I was alone.. 

You were there when I felt alone, 
wondering that you are also gone,
screaming in fear I called to share,
No body heard and didn't even care,
I wandered in the dark streets,
watching them happy, whosoever meets,
thinking about you pleased me a lot,
I never realized the days cold or hot,
Praying to god to see you glad,
suddenly you came when I was sad,
you brightened my life up,
and then I never gave up,
I kept on walking on the ways tough,
because for me, your presence was enough.

When you were here..

You came in my life like a shining star, 
took away my sorrows too far,
I felt your presence so near,
you were the only one who could hear, 
you filled my days with illumines light, 
you turned my life into a never ending sight,
you lightened up my soul and mind, 
and I left my loneliness far behind.

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